Five Principles of Moon Body’s Detox

My work centres around conscious menstruation, so why am I am always banging on about food and detox? Read on to find out.

Our bodies use our reproductive systems like a store room for waste. When we start to get full of mucus and old waste, our bodies cleverly send them somewhere that is not used in daily, vital bodily functions.

But after 20, 30, 40 years of doing this, we become full of waste. This is why many of us notice menstrual and fertile challenges in our mid-20s onwards.

Why does this happen? Shouldn’t our body be able to expel waste without needing a helping hand? Absolutely. But it depends on the kinds of food you are eating. Much of the food we are eating today contains ingredients that are impossible for our bodies to excrete.

Have a look on the box of any processed food and read through the list of ingredients. For foods to have a long shelf-life, real, whole foods get mixed up with all kinds of preserving and binding agents, dyes and chemicals. Our body is not designed to ingest a lot of this stuff and is not built to fully excrete it either.

Over time, the ingredients and foods that cannot be broken down into waste get stuck in the gut, lining it with a sticky, rotting layer. This is the perfect breeding ground for parasites, yeast and harmful microbes.

As the gut gets full, more work is given to the other organs of excretion: the kidneys, liver and skin. And as these excretory organs’ workload increases, more waste will be siphoned off into the storage room – the reproductive organs.

Not to mention that an overburdened liver is unable to effectively empty the body of excess hormones, compounding any existing tendency for hormonal imbalance.

The answer is to clean all the excess junk out of the body in the deepest and most gentle way possible and to consume foods that are easy to eliminate and do not create obstructions. Enter: the Moon Detox.

Deep, Long & Gentle

The deeper, longer and more gently we cleanse, the more we can effectively empty out excess waste from the body and create real lifestyle changes so that we no longer crave foods that can’t be digested and processed into nutrients. (It’s usually your parasites that crave these foods, remove them and your cravings will disappear, too.)

In the same way that enemas show us what was in our digestive system (mucus, parasites and undigested food), menstruation after detox will start to empty waste from the reproductive system (mucus, old blood, cysts, clots etc).

On Day 8 of a long watermelon juice fast

Our wombs detox.

Let me say that again: our wombs detox.

If it’s summer where you are (or you live in a warm place), the warm time is the best time to do a cleanse. (It’s easier on the body to drink juice during the warmer months.)

If you have specific health issues you’d like to work on, I recommend working with me in a Moon Detox session. This way the detox will be tailored to your exact needs. Click here to book your session with me.

If it feels safe for you to do a cleanse alone, I’ve listed 5 basic principles of the Moon Detox for you below.

  1. Begin a transition to mucus-free foods. The transition can be slow and can take as long as you need. You can use mucus-lean foods to help you on the way to being mucus free. For a full list of mucus-free and -lean foods, click here.
  2. After you’ve been eating mucus-free food for at least 10 days (ideally longer than 10 days if your diet was full of mucus- forming foods), move to raw food for a minimum of 3 days. Start to eat and drink in a window of 6-8 hours aka intermittent dry fasting. 
  3. After your minimum of 3 days on raw, you can begin a juice fast. Try to choose juices that are seasonal and organic. My favourites are citrus and/or watermelon. Aim for 3 days on juice. If at 3 days it feels good to continue, go to 5 days. On day 5, if it feels good to continue, go to 7 and on and on like this. Your body will know how long to go for. Drink as much juice as you need. You will likely need at least 2-3 litres to feel full.
  4. On your second day of juice fasting, have a 4-litre enema with warm water in the morning. Have a second enema in the evening adding the strained juice of 2 lemons or 3 limes to the warm water. Remember to rest well and conserve energy, especially on the first 3 days of the cleanse.
  5. On day 3 of juice fasting, you can add parasite-killing herbs and herbal tinctures. Remember to time when you take them so that your body has enough time to absorb them before your enemas. 

Finishing Your Detox

When you’ve finished your juice fast, don’t forget to reverse the steps. Move from juice to ripe, seasonal fruit to break your fast. Next, you can eat raw food (avoid nuts in the first days of breaking your fast) for 3 days, then go slowly back to mucus-free food.

Hopefully you stay eating mucus-free food after your cleanse as a way of maintaining the benefits (with the occasional mucus-lean additions).

This is a simplified version of the Moon Detox. Did you try it?

Let us know how you got on in the comments.


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