The Art of Jade Egg Practice

Archaeological evidence of egg-shaped gemstones for internal use have been found at the sites of all major ancient civilisations. In recent years, yoni eggs have become immensely popular and are often advertised as vaginal toning tools. The work of the Jade Priestess invites its students to imagine the Jade Egg as something far more powerful than a toning tool… something so powerful it can transform our whole relationship to our bodies, to our sexuality, to our life!

As women in the modern world, many of us face challenges of living in a fast-paced, overtly cerebral society and as we imitate the ways of masculinised people to get along and stay afloat we sever the connection to our centre, – what Tami Kent, author of ‘WildFeminine’ calls our “feminine core”. ​ Your feminine core – vulva, vagina, cervix, womb, breasts, pelvis – are fundamental to your health.

Regular practice feeling like a homecoming. As you begin to understand the energetic potency of your feminine body, the effects ripple outwards into your life and you come into closer contact with the magic of your womanhood and source of your power. ​Many modern teachers of the jade egg have missed her magic and state her benefits as merely ways of improving a women’s vaginal tightness.

The truth is, a tight pussy is not desirable… Tightness very often means tensions. However, increased connection, sensitivity and better lubrication are desirable – all of which arise naturally from regular jade egg practice.​ Miriam’s approach to introducing the egg into your life is slow. with deep focus on pelvic anatomy, internal therapeutic massage and energy practices.

What’s My Experience With The Jade Egg?

I’ve been introducing women to the Jade Egg for the last six years – in workshops, retreats, online courses and individual sessions.

I am deeply passionate about these practices. In fact, I integrate the Jade Egg practice into almost all my offerings because I know how transformative it is, especially to women experiencing sexual disconnection, internal pain or the feeling of being “stuck”.

I approach this work with gentleness and proceed with caution. A safe space and deftly-held container are essential and you’ll find both if you choose to work with me.

If you feel called you work with me, you can book a session with me here.

I also have an online course called The Jade Root and it’s specifically designed to teach beginners everything they need to begin their own safe, sensual and therapeutic practice from the comfort of their own home. Find out more here.

Jade Egg

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