Witch: A
Samhain Gathering.

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Since the dawn of time, women have been finding ways to release unwanted pregnancies.

In this talk, Miriam takes you through a historical narrative of the use of herbal abortifacients and shares with you the history of and recipe for one of her favourite herbal contraceptives: Queen Anne's Lace Tincture aka Herbal Plan B.

Archaeological remains show us earthenware pots and cauldrons containing the preserved residue of herbal abortifacients.

Throughout the ages, herbs of choice for pregnancy release have changed with the cultures around them.

While women's access to safe and legal abortion is under threat globally, now more than ever we should know our herbs and our history.

This talk includes Miriam's recipe for the Herbal Plan B she uses for herself and select clients. 

herbal abortifacients: a history

with Miriam

sunday october 30, 5-6pm

What do you need for the practice?

You need a comfortable space to enjoy the talk in; a notebook for journalling and recording your thoughts and a cup of something warm and delicious.

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