the retreat of a lifetime

Women's Retreat

Bloom in Italy,
August 7-14, 2021

Join Moon Body creatress, Miriam Ropschitz, for the retreat of a lifetime: a haven of peace and beauty in the Puglian countryside where your days are filled with healing yoga, organic food, sunshine & feminine wisdom. Voted one of the World's Best Yoga Retreats, La Rosa dei 4 Venti is a stunning environment where everything is taken care of for you. Every second of every day is for you; your yoga practice, your health, your pleasure... the nourishment of your feminine energy. 

In this harmonious environment, you are called to remember yourself as a woman: to come back home to your deepest essence, reawaken the sensuality and pleasure of your body, still your mind and rest in the sacred wisdom that is yours by birthright. As the stunning Puglian countryside around us erupts in its fullest bloom, so do we. This is a unique opportunity to combine deep healing work and ancient feminine wisdom in a retreat setting. 

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Bloom is where the feminine flourishes

feminine wisdom

healing yoga

Living in a world designed for the masculine takes it toll on us. We find that we've been squeezing ourselves in to linear life – and the effects are tiredness, disconnection and a deep yearning for softness. Bloom creates this. Although there are structured morning and afternoon practice times and meal times, I've left plenty of free time and space for you to read by the pool, stroll in the gardens, relax in a hammock or enjoy an aromatherapy massage.

feminine wisdom

tantra yoga

sacred space

Bloom holds a frequency of profound healing

The feminine needs ample moments of softness, stillness and sensuality in order to recharge. At Bloom this understanding is built into every day. La Rosa dei Venti holds a very high frequency, which allows for deep healing work. Our daily practices are designed to lovingly open your body up, to increase connection with your breath and subtle energy in order for healing to happen. The natural environment and peace of the centre support these healing intentions and you'll find yourself effortlessly returning to that deep and sacred place within. 

Remember your feminine magick.

The practices shared through Bloom Miriam teaches in all her programmes and courses: Women's Yoga, Energy Work, Breath work, Tantric embodiment, sound healing and so much more! Our time together includes two women's workshops: Moon Magic and The Sacred Root. These are practices that you can take home with you and are guaranteed to bring more feminine fullness to your life.


Your Retreat includes...


Choose from a single or double in one of La Rosa dei Venti's beautiful rooms with ensuite bathroom


LRDV is famous for its delicious and healthy food. Enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner – vegan, veggie and gluten free.

daily yoga CLASSES

Morning is a dynamic women's yoga practice, followed by a gentle restorative practice in the afternoon.

women's workshops

Experience two of Moon Body's signature workshops: Moon Magick and the Jade Root (Beginners jade egg workshop.)

Feminine Yoga

Every day begins with Moon Body's signature yoga practice. This is classical Vinyasa Yoga with menstrual cycle awareness. These morning classes vary depending on where you are in your cycle. By practising in harmony with our menstrual cycle, we begin to understand our cyclical nature in an embodied way and let go of the habit of pushing our bodies when we’re tired, which creates stress and tension. Instead of hyper-focus on alignment, we tune into how our body feels. These classes are sensual, deep and a lot of fun!

Meditation & Breathwork

Every day begins with meditation. Learning how creating a balance between still, silent practices and dynamic movement practices is one effective way of harmonising the balance between our inner-masculine and feminine energy.​ Breathwork will be an important part of our morning practice. Many of our bodily and mental tensions can be dissolved by therapeutic application of pranayama. 

Yin, Yoga Nidra & Sound

Our afternoon sessions are a more gentle exploration of yogic and tantric practices. Each afternoon will be a complement to the morning practice. We’ll explore Yoga Nidra, YIN Yoga, Healing Sound. Qigung and more. These sessions will not be physically demanding and instead be healing, relaxing, meditative and restorative. 

Women's Workshops

During the retreat Miriam will share two of Moon Body's signature workshops: Moon Magick & the Jade Root. Moon Magick is all about women's connection to the moon and their menstrual cycle. The Jade Root is an introduction to how the jade egg practice works to reconnect women to the sensual power of their lower body. (In this introductory workshop the jade egg will not be used internally!)

The Retreat Centre

​La Rosa Dei 4 Venti is a renovated ancient Masseria (farmhouse) that has been carefully designed with the purpose of hosting yoga disciplines, philosophies and activities from all over the world. The aim is to create a healthy, positive and regenerating environment with particular attention being paid to safeguard the exceptional energy and tranquility of the surroundings, promote good food philosophy, a careful and sensitive approach, and keen attention to detail. Visit the website here.

The Food

La Rosa dei 4 Venti offers delicious vegetarian & vegan food based on the PH alkaline diet with a wide variety of locally-sourced produce and organic ingredients. LRDV offers a healthy food experience with traditional Puglian recipes, combined with lots of vegan, raw and gluten & dairy-free dishes. Many fruits and vegetables are picked fresh from the kitchen garden and the menu changes with the seasons, bringing different tasteful delights to the table. Bread, pastries and pasta are homemade and healthier due to special ingredients like buckwheat, spelt or kamut flour.

A Taste of Bloom

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After making your deposit payment, we'll be in touch to find out more about you and how you'd like to make the rest of the payment. 

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shared ROOM* 


*The shared room is shared between two women. Each woman has her own single bed.



The two nearest airports to La Rosa dei 4 Venti are in Brindisi & Bari. Transport from these airports to the retreat takes between 60-90 minutes and can be arranged for an additional fee. If you'd like us to arrange transport for you, please let us know when you book your place on Bloom Women's Retreat.


Yes. Miriam will do her best to accommodate beginners and more advanced yoga practitioners alike. Over her years of teaching large classes of varying degrees of experience, she is used to tailoring her classes to a range of needs. If you have specific questions about the classes, feel free to email us your questions.


Not at all. Our workshop is an introduction to the Jade Egg and we will not use the eggs internally, instead we'll learn about the pelvic diaphragm and the lower body connection. Those that do have experience with eggs will be offered opportunities to practice with them and if you'd like to learn you are welcome to. 

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