Witch: A
Samhain Gathering.

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The stories of roots, herbs and plant medicines is a central element of witchcraft medicine, the story of women’s sacred work with the plant kingdom is as old as time.

The feminine folk practices of eastern and western Europe vary, as do the many names of the witch as you travel across history. At the time of the witch hunts in the 14th to 17th century, legends of the Witch's Salve, or flying ointment, were reproduced to create a distorted story of women’s folk magic and herbal practices. This would go on to become a central part of the persecution of women and the Christian propaganda designed to mould pagan ways into the image of the devil. 

Yet the poison path of plant medicine has always been part of women’s sacred knowledge. Today when we think of entheogenic plant medicines we are drawn primarily to visions of the Americas, while the ways of the wise women of Europe are often displaced, forgotten and misunderstood; entire lineages of wisdom keepers broken. 

The Witches of Thessaly offer a beautiful lens and invitation into the old ways of witchcraft, elements remain that whisper us back to the Goddess of the Road, through the cult of Enodia, Goddess of the pathways. We have a rich tapestry remaining that can inform us of the ancient entheogenic priestess, and remind us that we have plants, teachers and spirit ally’s waiting to be revealed on the very lands that we live on. The witches of Thessaly remind us of the depth of Magick that is possible for women to embody, to enchant, to vision and to heal. 

In this talk we will explore writings on the Witchcraft of Thessaly, as well as welcoming in the Goddess Enodia as a teacher for reclaiming the pathways of Magick & nature. We will touch on the many names for the Witch across European folk Magick and understand the role of entheogenic healing & visioning as a feminine practice in the ancient world."

Witchcraft medicine

with Cathy Coyle

Saturday October 29 | 3:30-4:30pm

About Cathy Coyle

My facilitation challenges the boundaries of personal growth, supporting the evolution of mind, body & spirit. Combining my expertise in Coaching Psychology (MA) with Leadership studies. Alongside mindfulness, breath work, yoga and shamanic pathways, my work offers a multi-faceted pathway towards accessing your highest potentials.

Currently I am undertaking a PhD in Integral & Transpersonal Psychology, with the California Integral Institute. My practice is a liminal and transpersonal space built upon intuition, curiosity, authenticity, non-duality and embodied awareness. Together we harness optimal and transcendent states on the road towards truly transformational living. At the heart of my practice is the honouring of the wise woman traditions of Ireland and Europe. 

A core mission of my work is the exploration of Western European ways of crafting with plant allies, while harnessing the energies of the divine feminine. Here witchcraft is an essential element in understanding the deeper layers of Europe's shamanic lineages.

The role of the feminine as an intermediary between the divine and the natural world is a central force that is honoured within many ancient ritualistic traditions. This is an art that is returning to the landscape as we seek out ways of healing our relationship with the earth. Witch, Volva, Seiðr, Draoi, Oracle, Wu, Wise Woman, the many faces of the feminine.

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Thessaly, Spirit Plants, the Poison Path & Entheogenic Priestesses.

What do you need for the practice?

You'll need a warm, comfortable, private space with room to sit or lie down.

You'll want to have your journal available for note-taking.

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