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Samhain Gathering.

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Samhain is the end of the harvest. It's a celebration of descent into the darker part of the year and with it comes... rest.

Even if you haven't been out gathering the harvest, you've likely had your own harvest of sorts: a busy summer, work, friends, family, holidays... and now the earth is calling you back to her to rest your weary body into her loving embrace.

'Compost Yourself' is a practice inspired by Yoga Nidra and Non-Sleep Deep Rest. In it, you lie down on a comfortable surface like a yoga mat, blanket or bed, close your eyes and are led on a journey into your unconscious mind.

This is a deeply restful practice in which you do nothing but lie, listen and play with the temptation to fall asleep. 

This practice is restorative, healing and deeply complementary to current cosmic movements and the seasonal shift.

Miriam has been leading Yoga Nidra practices on retreats since 2015, which are much-loved for her soothing voice and welcoming, restful presence.

Compost yourself: the art of being

with Miriam

saturday october 29, 7.15-8pm

What do you need for the practice?

You need a comfortable space (ideally a yoga mat or thick blanket on the floor) with some pillows and another blanket to cover your body.

When you lie still your body temperature drops, so you may need an extra jumper and a pair of socks.

If you have a weighted eye pillow, this is a great accompaniment to the practice. If not, you could use any kind of soft materail.

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