Witch: A
Samhain Gathering.

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In the spirit of embodiment and healing the witch wound, this weekend would not be complete without voice work and ancestral song. 

So many women feel blockages around our voices: holding back our truths; not speaking from our guts and wombs; keeping our voices at an acceptable volume. Learning ancestral songs is one of the ways we can remember how it feels to fully inhabit our voice.

In this hour-long workshop Hanna Leigh, curator of 'Songs of Mother Europe' will share a taste of her own body of work around the voice and ancestral song.

Hanna has been apprenticing with folk singer Carolyn Hillyer in Devon and studying songs in a proto-Celtic mother tongue.

Finding the resonance of our natural voices within our bodies is a pleasurable thing. In this workshop you will explore and re-member this ancient, simple tool for wellbeing. We will also learn two nourishing songs to connect us with ancestral wisdom and guidance. 

This Ancestral Songs workshop is a time to find your voice, sing your heart out and remember the language of your ancestors.

ancestral songs

with Hanna Leigh

Sunday October 30 | 6.15-7.15pm

About Hanna Leigh

In my heart I am a mystic and lover of Life, fascinated by the paradoxes of this embodiment on earth. Through my journey, I have come to find that sacred song and healing touch are two ways that my personal medicine is expressed in this world, in service to thriving life on this planet. My journey with my voice:

I am ever humbled and enthralled with the magic of singing. For me it is so much more than singing...for me it is a way to bring awareness to what is inside me. When I hear myself sing, I can better understand what is moving in me. It's a way to weave thought and emotion, to bring myself into present-time in my body. In my solo practice time, singing is often a tool to find my way to my heart, and to dip into the well of wisdom that resides in the center...

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