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 I wish all women knew about the jade egg practice

The jade egg is an egg-shaped nephrite jade stone worn inside the yoni during gentle movement and meditation. There are many benefits. On the physiological level, we increase blood flow to the lower body, we strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, we bring awareness to a place of our body that can sometime be forgotten and we increase lubrication and sensitivity. The real and life-changing benefits, however, is that we strengthen our connection to our root – the life centre of our being. 

From this stronger root connection we become more grounded, we know and feel our place in the world and we develop a stronger sense of Self.In this way, the jade egg creates ripples of positive change on every layer of perception. We become more orgasmic, more able to self-regulate, more nourished, our core strength increases which supports our posture and general functioning, we sleep better, we feel more alive. This is a healing practice that can move through the different stages of your life, developing with you.

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In this one-to-one session you'll learn how to develop a safe, sensual and therapeutic practice with your jade egg. These sessions go at a safe speed with a trauma-informed approach and great care and respect for your boundaries. After our session, you'll receive my Jade Egg e-book with all the practices we cover as well as more for you to move onto when you feel ready. Jade Eggs are available for purchase with your session and can be shipped out to anywhere in the world. 

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Learn jade egg practice online with me

The Jade Root is an online course that teaches women how to begin safe, sensual and therapeutic jade egg practices, along with supportive energy, breath and movement practices that serve as containers to hold the deep, internal work. The Jade Root online course takes place in two parts.​ Part One is for those who have never used or are very new to using the egg and Part Two is for those with more experience.

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client love

I joined the Moon Code because I felt the need to connect more to my cycle. I had the urge to understand my cycle from a more spiritual side. And it was spot on! I hardly ever struggle with PMS anymore. Thank you Miriam for sharing your wisdom and bringing lost knowledge back to us women.

- sanda markavoc, moon code guest

" cyclical wisdom offers WOMEN TIRED OF THE DYSFUNCTIONAL MODERN PARADIGM A NEW WAY OF LIVING – ONE ATTUNED TO THE BODy and built upon a loving + reciprocal relationship with the earth."


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