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The Jade Priestess

April 4-25

When a woman answers the call of her womb, she steps into a new reality – one of radiance, abundance and magick.

The world needs you in your pleasure, your turn-on, your sacred sexual sovereignty.

Claiming your power and pleasure turns the key in the door of the life your soul desires.

Stepping onto the path of your sacred sexuality sends ripples through reality.

You are a woman who is ready to live her fullness, to drip her pleasure like honey, to own her holy desires and weave her sensual magick into the fabric of her life.

The Jade Priestess is a path to a new way of being – one which honours the wisdom of your womb, the pulse of your pussy and the yearning of your yoni.

Are you ready to land the codes of the priestess in your life?

Women all over
the planet are remembering the ancient ways
of the priestess... 

This 4-week online course is for women honouring the call of their womb space.

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What is a priestess?

A priestess is a woman in service to the sacred. She applies her gifts of intuition, insight and connection to receive guidance from the divine. She is a creatrix of ceremony and ritual, a healer and a potent feminine leader. Her gifts are channeled through many creative paths – movement, voice, words, love-making, herbalism and art. She is a trailblazer with an unbreakable connection to the feminine. She is here to forge new ways forward. Ways which honour, celebrate, grieve, revere and protect the sacred. 

The Tale of the Temple Priestess

In the ancient lands of Sumeria, Greece, Eqypt and Mesopatemia, temple priestesses were revered agents of the goddess. They lived in temples where they tended to goddess rites, ceremonies and sacred rituals to support the prosperity of the land. 

One of their holy roles was to 'take the war out of men', whereby they made love to soldiers returned from bloody battles. They used their sexual healing powers to transmute the pains and horrors of war into love with their potent and pure sexuality.

This kind of love-making was an art form and the priestesses were respected for their gifts. They were treated as holy vessels of the goddess, protected, admired and well-rewarded for their work.

The Course

Many women have tasted the same healing powers of the sacred sexuality practised by the ancient temple priestesses...

The Jade Priestess is an invitation to awaken your own sacred sexuality as a doorway into an authentic, empowered and pleasure-filled living. 

Our sexuality is such an important part of Self. It's how we express our deepest eros into the world. It's intimately tied to our sense of power and directly connected to our capacity to live a full life of health, wholeness, pleasure and beauty. 

Many of us are looking at ways to nurture self development. Connecting to, understanding and celebrating our sexuality is one of the most potent ways to do this. 

the course

Signs this course is for you

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You are a sexual person who believes that your sexuality is a deep part of who you are.

You've experienced (or would like to experience) altered states of consciousness through sexual pleasure and healing orgasms.

You'd like to bring more sensual magick into everyday existence.

Sex for you has always been something sacred and precious and you are ready to learn more about your sexuality. 

You already have a yoga, meditation or embodied spiritual practice and would like to learn how sexuality fits into it.

You know that pleasure is a sacred healing medicine and you want more of it in your life.

You are deeply intuitive, sensitive, spiritual and connected with nature.

You are hungry for a life of meaning, depth, sensuality, sacredness and ceremony.

You know that sexual energy is lifeforce and you want to learn how to cultivate yours.

You possess a deep awareness and appreciation of the erotic. 

4 Weeks of Sacred Sexuality

april 4-25

jade priestess

Over four weeks you'll be initiated into the Jade Egg practice as a way to awaken sacred sexuality. You'll learn how this transformational practice can support you to embody your sexual freedom, power and pleasure.

What is the Jade Egg practice?

The Jade Egg is an ancient Taoist sexual-spiritual practice. An egg-shaped stone made from Nephrite Jade is worn inside the yoni while movement practices, energy work and meditations are performed. The egg tones the pelvic diaphragm, creates more sensitivity and lubrication, awakens sexual energy and connects the wearer with their womb and yoni, along with many other profound benefits. In the Jade Priestess, you'll learn how to use your jade egg practice as a way to awaken sacred sexuality. You'll learn how to start a practice that can be tailored to your needs and intentions. 

Benefits of the practice

There are many different layers to the way the Jade Egg works. Physiologically, it tones the yoni, enhances sensitivity, increases circulation and lubrication, heals scar tissue, produces stronger orgasms and increases capacity for internal orgasm. It connects the wearer to the root of their body – where the ancient wisdom traditions say a person's power is centred. Regular practice awakens sexuality and supports the cultivation of life force energy, leading to a more joyful way of being, hormonal balance, relaxation, openness, pleasure-focus, deeper sleep and so many more benefits. Using a Jade Egg opens our awareness of the connection between sex and spirit. 

The Jade Priestess course features

Jade Egg Practice

Learn how to begin your own safe, sensual and therapeutic jade egg practice including exercises, caring for your egg, rituals and more. 

priestess wisdom

You'll learn how your practice with the jade egg is a doorway into the priestess wisdom within and how to integrate this into your daily life through ritual. 

sensual embodiment

Learn embodiment practices – breathwork, Chi Gong, Yoga, meditation, energy work – to support you in your practice with the Jade Egg. 

energy cultivation

Learn how to cultivate your sexual energy to support your life, your passions, your desires. Learn to channel sexual energy towards your goals & dreams.

The way you express your sexuality mirrors the way you live life

We meet online over four Sundays (11am CET) for a live 60-minute ceremony, followed by a 30-minute Q&A and sharing circle.*

Over the following days you receive video recordings of each week's practices in your online course portal to experience throughout the week.

You receive access to a private online group for sharing and integrating with other women on the course. 

The online course content is yours to keep, along with future updates to the course. 

the course

What's included

*Sunday Ceremonies are recorded and uploaded into the online course for those who cannot join live.

The Jade Priestess is for women ready to make their pleasure a sacred priority, bring sensuality into daily life & honour their deep longing for sacred sex.

Preparing the Temple

Week One

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The Initiation


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Sex is Sacred


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The Priestess Path


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Week One of the course is focused on preparing your body to receive the jade egg. You'll learn practices like breast message, the microcosmic orbit, ovarian breathing, feminine yoga and chi gong. You'll learn how to prepare your egg for insertion, how to clean it, store it and all about the properties of the sacred stone, nephrite jade.

In Week Two we begin using the jade egg. You'll learn a series of practices to do with the egg as well as a 45-minute ritual for those days when you wish to do a full practice. Learn how to store your sexual energy and how to align your jade egg practice with your energy levels.

Now that you know how to use the Jade Egg, week three is going to focus on how you can use your practice to embody the sacredness of your sexuality. Learn about the healing power of internal orgasms, de-armouring work, yoni reflexology and more. Learn how to create powerful healing rituals for yourself. 

In Week Four you'll learn to integrate the tools you've gathered through sacred sexual practices as ways of rooting more deeply into your soul work. Learn to embody the codes of the priestess in your daily life, to live the magick of sacred sexuality in every moment. 

Preparing the Temple

Before we begin to practise with the egg, we want to prepare your body to cultivate and move sexual energy. 

Sunday Ceremony: Breath, Breasts & Energy
We open with a beautiful practice of breast massage, breath and energy work.

Online Course Content:
Micro-cosmic Orbit Meditation; Breast Massage; Breathwork; Ovarian Breathing; Yoni Mapping & Massage; Jade Egg Preparation & History

week one

The Initiation

You'll learn several jade egg practices so that you can start to build your own rituals.

Sunday Ceremony: Jade Egg Ritual
We'll move through a 45-minute jade egg ritual practice.

Online Course Content
10 Jade Egg exercises – standing, lying, on the belly and sitting down. Extended breast massage. 

week two

Sex is Sacred

This week is about learning how to cultivate and direct your sacred sexual energy.

Sunday Ceremony: The Healing Power of Orgasm
Learn about the different kinds of powerful healing orgasms you can experience and the story of Amrita – the sacred nectar of the Yoni.

Online Course Content:
Sacred Orgasm, Pleasure Anatomy, Amrita Wisdom, Energy Practices, Healing Sounds, Organ Nourishing Practice, Inner Smile Meditation.

week three

The Priestess Path

Now that you have experience of using your Jade Egg and creating rituals for yourself, we integrate this wisdom into walking the priestess path.

Sunday Ceremony: Walking the Priestess Path

We'll explore how our experience of sacred sexually can be intertwined with our priestess gifts – insight, intuition, creativity and divination. 

Online Course Content: 
Listening to the Womb, Pelvic Bowl Divination, Intuition and Insight journalling practice, The Way of the Priestess practice video, Embodiment Rituals. 

week Four

Your sexuality

is sacred.

become a jade priestess

Your Guide:
Miriam Ropschitz

Welcome, love.

It's a deep privilege to share this sacred work with you. I've watched how the jade egg practice transforms women from the inside out, bringing them into closer contact with their deepest dreams and wildest pleasure. Over six years of teaching this work, it never ceases to amaze me how powerful a woman becomes when she aligns herself with her sacred sexuality. I'm excited to go on this journey with you, to hold you in this container and support you birthing a new reality – one that will change the course of your life in innumerable ways. 

Next Enrolling: Easter, 2022

Sabrina, NJ

Working with Miriam set me back on my path. A year has passed since my 6 months of mentoring and life has truly opened up to me. I feel finally at home in my body and have permanently healed my PCOS. She's an angel.

Steph, Switzerland

Being on retreat with Miriam is like being in another universe. That week in Italy was pure bliss. And. it changed my life. Nothing has been the same since! Thank you, love.

Brigitte S, New York

"Working with Miriam in Rooted was one of the best decisions I've ever made. She is the divine feminine embodied. Her presence in my life in just a short time has changed me on the deepest of levels."

Julie P, Paris

"I was struggling. I had lost every joy. I was destroying myself. With Miriam, I reconnected with my feminine, learned to listen to my body, and nourished myself. Finally, I feel like I came back to the real me." 

Laurene, Paris

Authentic, true, gentle, knowledgeable, humble, deeply and beautifully feminine, I really appreciate Miriam, her teaching, her being. 


It is difficult to put into words the feeling of peace, gratitude and love
felt after just an hour in Miriam’s presence... it has to be experienced! 

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