Gueat Teacher

At Gate 7, Malika will be guiding the women of DFM through a 75- minute sonic-shamanic exploration of the wild voice.

You'll begin with an invocation to the serpent of your tongue; a practice of inquiry into the caverns of your mouth – every indent and crease.

With the sacred waters activated, you'll journey deeper into the creative fire of your heart through ancient chants and drumming.

With the mouth open and the heart ignited, you'll enter the gateway of the womb and sing to the Dark Mother.

'Singing the Dark Mother' is a workshop reminding you of the holiness of your song, your voice, your heart and womb.

By liberating your voice and offering it up as prayer, you'll enter a trance state where you'll meet your dark-feminine-worshipping ancestors and open your body to the wild pulse of raw song, which flows through every woman, through all time.

Singing the dark mother

with Malika Avani

thursday february 2 | 7-8pm

About Malika

Malika Avani is a High Priestess of Earth whose shamanic gifts, love and devotion have midwifed a hive full of relatives and intuitives of new-earth consciousness.

She elevates the visions and frequency of Women Leaders through drum mentorship and life-changing experiences with sacred medicines at sacred sites.

Her 12-year initiation journey as a pilgrim and medicine woman has taken her to more than 30 countries.

 For the 3rd year, she is deeply honored to share with DFM, the potent medicine that the voice of the Dark Madonna holds, fresh from her powerful pilgrimage in the South of France.

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