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The Menstrual Cycle

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Your menstrual health is key to your healing...

Your menstrual cycle follows a unique monthly blueprint. When women understand how their energy flows in four distinct inner-seasons throughout the month, they can tap into their inner cyclical wisdom and begin to live in greater alignment with their truest, authentic Self. Many women experience menstrual challenges as a result of emotional and spiritual imbalances in their power centre – the womb. Whether pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), heavy periods, long periods, period pain (dysmenorrhea) or irregular periods (amenorrhea), these conditions are a tax on a woman's energy.

These menstrual challenges are always evidence of something happening deeper than the physical layer and healing them initiates us into greater bodily awareness and self-love. What at the start seems like mere physical symptoms is often a clue from our wise body, telling us to dig deeper. On the journey to easeful periods and optimal fertility, we come into contact with our womb power and meet ourselves in our fullness. This is why your menstrual health is such an important piece in your inner-work and overall health, it's a sign from the deepest part of you that there is healing to be done.


Your menstrual cycle
holds vital information

Whether you're experiencing period pain, PMS, missing periods, irregular periods, cysts, fibroids, endometriosis or just wanting to learn more about connecting with your menstrual cycle – Moon Mapping can support you. Although challenging periods are common, they are not normal. Easeful, short, light periods are a reflection of healthy hormones, a well-regulated nervous system and a strong connection to your body's power centre – your womb. 

Good periods are part of living in your power

If you are on a journey of feminine awakening and reclamation, healing period problems and living connected with your menstrual cycle is the perfect place to begin. Our bleeds say so much about us on physical, psychic, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Beginning to live attuned to your cyclical power reunites you with the lost wisdom of your body and is the beginning of a process of remembering the ancient feminine codes buried deep within.

live cyclically

heal your period

love your womb

Our menstrual healing work calls on


Our studies of Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda & Folk Medicine are called upon for our menstrual healing detoxes and nutritional protocols. 


The Infradian Rhythm is your body's second clock, it affects six of your body's vital systems. We harmonise your Infradian Rhythm for optimal health.

cycle awareness

At its core, menstrual cycle awareness is the idea that our cycles offer us mental, emotional, physical and spiritual feedback throughout the month. 


The art of being in your body, connected to earth and in right relationship to your body's eco-systems through movement, prayer and ritual. 

1. Moon Mapping

In Moon Mapping we take a deep dive into what is going on in your menstrual cycle, looking at everything from the way you eat and move, your lifestyle habits and environment to your ancestors and relationship to your body. You'll receive tailor-made support to begin making your way towards a healthy, easeful menstrual cycle. After filling in a detailed questionnaire and a 60-minute online consultation you'll receive a personalised PDF protocol with an action plan for your menstrual healing. .


single session

2. Moon Mapping

It usually takes 3 months to see a real shift in your period. In this 3-month container you receive 3 x 1-hour 1-1 online sessions and access to Miriam via email/Telegram for updates on your healing journey. This is for those who are seriously committed to healing their period challenges. A 3-month nutrition plan will be created for based on your constitution. 

3-month container


or 3 x 300

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1. The Moon Code

The Moon Code is a self-study online course, which brings menstruating beings deep into the wisdom of their cycles. It combines the feminine mysteries with somatics practices, meditation, journalling, herbalism and divination. In this 3-hour journey, we spiral through the inner-seasons of the menstrual cycle, revealing how the medicine of each phase can be activated and embodied through unique and accessible practices that change with us throughout the month. Buying the course gives you life-long and immediate access. 

online course


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Sometimes in our lives, the shadows sneak up on us. They blindside us and demand our attention. They break us down against our will as we fight and struggle against them. But Dark Feminine Medicine asks: Is there another way? Can we, like the goddess Innana, choose to go in? Into the depths, into the darkness, into the sacred Underworld. Into that place where we face our fears, where we challenge our limiting beliefs, where we hold our own (and each other's) guilt, shame, and rage without looking away? From day one, Miriam (with the help of her seven powerful goddess companions, of course) guided us safely through this endeavor. She created and held a space within which we were invited to go as deep as we were willing. She held it in safety, in privacy, and without judgement. She led us through resistance, anger, the perversion of our female sexuality, our witch wounds. She led us through alchemical transitions, as we let our old stories burn to ashes and Kali danced alongside the flames. She did this all with both seriousness and lightness. If you’re standing on the threshold of this work, I encourage you - step forward. Step in. The way out is through, and you won’t find a better roster of companions along this challenging and rewarding journey.

jen whaley, jen whaley wellness

client love

Ancient wisdom and knowledge explained with the help of female deities. My hidden dark feminine energy cracked open. Miriam lets you rediscover and cultivate suppressed and buried feminine issues like sisterhood, witch wound, sacred sexuality and your magical gifts. Essential topics that affect every woman are explained in a sensitive and open manner and worked out with clever guidance. The course is enriched by rituals, meditation and yoga. Seasoned with performances by exceptional guest teachers and references to further literature and video clips. An incredible transforming, intoxicating, nourishing, fulfilling and at the same time opening experience. I can warmly recommend DFM to every woman and I look forward to the second part.

Christine hartung,

Ever since I’ve met Miriam, I deeply loved her work, her energy, her magick, and every course I’ve joined. Dark Feminine Medicine is no exception! This beautiful 7-week course let me dive deep into 7 powerful dark goddesses and their healing, inspiring, and life-altering energies. Miriam held a beautiful 90 minutes live session every week, sharing the beautiful legends, symbolism, and wisdom of each goddess, providing an embodiment class and assignments, and sharing valuable resources to go even deeper. It was a very rich and powerful experience and thanks to the lifetime access, I can go and visit each of the goddesses and her wisdom whenever I need some dark feminine medicine. Beautiful! 

Rachel Galbiati, wild feminine artist


I've heard that painful, heavy periods and PMS are common but not normal?

Yes, this is correct. Although many women suffer from heavy, painful and long periods, this is a sign of an underlying imbalance and can be gently, permanently healed using natural methods. Usually the painful, heavy period was a sign of the body's systems not performing optimally and our periods act as a monthly health report of what is happening at the deeper layers of our body. Moon Mapping work successfully heals menstrual challenges. 

I have endometriosis/ fibroids / pcos can i do this work?

Yes. Moon Mapping work has successfully supported the natural healing of all three conditions. Here the 3-month healing container is recommended.

i've heard that the jade egg helps to relieve period problems?

Yes. When the Jade Egg is used properly it can help to alleviate period pain, PMS, heavy periods and other conditions causing hormonal imbalances. 

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