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why your menstrual health is key to your healing journey

Your menstrual cycle follows a unique monthly blueprint. When we understand how our energy flows in four distinct inner-seasons throughout the month, we can tap into our inner cyclical wisdom and begin to live in greater alignment with our truest, most-authentic Self.

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Book Your 1-1 Moon Mapping Session

You'll receive a questionnaire to answer and return to me. In our session we'll talk about movement practices, nutrition, breathwork, meditations, journalling exercises for you to begin implementing your cyclical wisdom. You'll be asked to set intentions for the days ahead and we'll explore ways to walk towards these goals using the practices of Moon Mapping. After our session, you'll receive your Moon Mapping guide with detailed information from the session.

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Book Your 1-1 Moon Detox Session

The Moon Detox is designed based on your individual constitution and is safe, simple and easy to do, no matter your detoxing experience. You'll receive a detailed questionnaire to complete. ​In our session, we'll discuss the best ways for you to approach your healing protocol and I'll share tips on supportive practices to help you detox with the greatest ease possible.​ After your session, you'll receive your personalised detox plan.

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the Moon Code

The Moon Code is a way of life that brings menstruating beings deep into the wisdom of their cycles. It combines the feminine mysteries with somatics practices, meditation, journalling, herbalism and divination. In this 3-hour journey, we spiral through the inner-seasons of the menstrual cycle, revealing how the medicine of each phase can be activated and embodied through unique and accessible practices that change with us throughout the month.

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client love

I joined the Moon Code because I felt the need to connect more to my cycle. I had the urge to understand my cycle from a more spiritual side. And it was spot on! I hardly ever struggle with PMS anymore. Thank you Miriam for sharing your wisdom and bringing lost knowledge back to us women.

- sanda markavoc, moon code guest

" cyclical wisdom offers WOMEN TIRED OF THE DYSFUNCTIONAL MODERN PARADIGM A NEW WAY OF LIVING – ONE ATTUNED TO THE BODy and built upon a loving + reciprocal relationship with the earth."


Healing our menstrual cycle is an essential step to empowerment.



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