The Muse Membership



The Muse Membership is for women like you.

Wild, Sacred & Sovereign.

Reclaiming your sexuality.
Rewilding your menstrual cycle.
Reconnecting to ancient inner wisdom.

You've had enough of following the pack.

And you're ready to be your own Muse.

The Muse Membership is...

For women seeking a daily dose of magick.

A digital coven you can turn to at any moment in your day or week and find practices, guidance and inspiration – all reminding you of your power, beauty & wild gifts. 

Packed full of practices to support you into deeper embodiment.

Where you'll find wild wisdom & radiance hacks that nobody else is talking about. 

A place to receive and offer support to your sisters. 

A sacred space where your brilliance is constantly reflected back to you by other magickal women. 

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The Muse In Me  Honours the Muse In You

After walking the path of the wild feminine for a decade...

Beauty, my name is Miriam Ropschitz.

I'm a spiritual mentor, conscious menstruation and sexuality guide, writer and student of the Feminine.

Over the last ten years I've gone from spiritual sannyasin in India, to resident teacher at Thailand's premier healing centre to founder of Moon Body from my home in the wild lands of Portugal.

Living a wild and spiritually devoted life all these years has taught me a lot about being a sovereign woman.

I've reached levels of physical health and energy cultivation that are unthinkable to many. I have built the life of my dreams and live purely on my own terms.

In the Muse Membership I am sharing everything I know with you, away from judging eyes and censorship on social media.

If you are familiar with my work and want to be in intimate community with me – this is the way.

Miriam's Bio

I have so much I want to tell you

Every day I receive messages from women all over the world:

The Muse Membership is a place where I can share my secrets with you

A lot of the wisdom I've learned and practised over the last 10 years is unorthodox! It's not something that can be shared in a DM.

My Muse Membership is a place where I can share my secrets with you!

How I healed my painful periods, chronic PMS & ovarian cysts naturally & permanently. 
The herbs, supplements and natural beauty tools I can't live without.
Where I buy my favourite yoni wands, crystals, clothes and more. 
The ancient inner-alchemy practices I use for radiance, health and energy cultivation.
The food and detox tips I've integrated into daily life.

What would my life look like if I chose
to fully embrace my magick?

You are not satisfied with mainstream ideas of what a successful life looks like.
You are intuitive. You have magickal gifts. 
You long to be safe to be your self in all your unique glory.
You have experienced being shunned or ostracised for speaking your truth or expressing yourself.
You know that menstruation and sexuality are portals to deeper self-knowing.
You have had or are having a feminine awakening.
You crave to be in deep, non-judgemental sisterhood with a community of like-hearted women.
You are not afraid to go against the grain, even if others tell you you shouldn't.
You know that you were born to live the life you dream of. On your own terms.
You are deeply connected to nature and committed to protecting the Mother. 
You are hungry for content & practices which bring you closer to pulse of the Wild Divine Feminine. 
You are in the process of taking your power back from any institutions which do not have your best interests at heart.


Muse Membership is for you if:

things like...

... it's time to be your own Muse.

Ask yourself...



What does Muse offer you?

Full Moon Live Ceremonies

Online Membership Portal

Sisterhood Space

Rituals, Practices + Secrets

Special Offers for Muses

A 75-minute ceremony featuring breath work, astrology + more.

Access Muse content in your membership portal – your own magickal database!

Be part of a global sisterhood of women in a space curated for connection.

Miriam's recommendations from practices to supplements & beauty products. 

Receive special discounts on Moon Body courses, events and retreats. 






Muse Membership breakdown:

When you sign up for the muse membership you receive

Access to hours of Muse video and audio content including meditations, embodiment practices and deep feminine wisdom.

A monthly invitation to live monthly Full Moon ceremonies.

Access to a special sister space for connection and support.

Discount codes for Moon Body courses and offerings.

Opportunities to submit questions to Miriam for her monthly Q&As where she shares her secrets with you.

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