This is my story, love.

I'm a writer, women's work leader, menstrual and sexual wisdom guide. I was born in Somerset, England. I spent the last decade studying, practising (and 7 years teaching) feminine reclamation and embodied spiritual practices. Leaving my life in the UK as journalist in my early-20s, I spent 7 years living between a tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand and India. These years were dedicated to studying tantric practices, in ceremony with plant teachers of the Amazon and silent retreat. Later, I began sharing what I'd learned in retreats, festivals and workshops around the world.

I stand unapologetically for women, for the feminine, for the earth and for truth, love, beauty and magick. 

Aquarius Sun, Libra
Rising, Taurus Moon +
Emotional Projector-5/1

Over the last decade I learned – and continue to learn – vital things about how women can live joyful, sensual, liberated lives. The way most of us human beings live is shut down, hard, cold and a little bit dead inside. I'm lit up, wet, alive and I can't pretend otherwise. I refuse to pretend otherwise. Life is a gift and if you're anything like me, you want to savour every sweet drip of it – the good, the bad and the rip-your-heart-out terrifying. This, to me, is what ecstatic living on a dying planet is all about. 

The beauty, ease + magick I live with now emerged from some dark nights of the soul

I was a nice middle class girl from Somerset who went to ballet and rode a horse and did all the nice normal shit good girls 'should' do...

BUT – I also had memories from times beyond my own lifetime, received visions, could talk to plants and was clairsentient. I found most people incredibly hard to be around – including most of my family, who had no patience for the ways I was expressing myself + called me oversensitive/difficult approximately 1 million times throughout my childhood + teenage years. 

I channeled my desire for escape into getting good grades + dreamed of being somewhere else... somewhere where my dreamy nature could be free and I could think, speak and feel whatever I wanted to.

The only thing was... I loved drugs. All the drugs. (Knowing what I know now, I believe that the oblivion I was chasing was a desire to meet Goddess + to be in ceremony as my ancestors had been, albeit channeled in an immature – and frankly dangerous – way.

I was reckless and ended up in my early 20s with a first-class degree in English, a job as a magazine editor and something close to a substance addiction.

This is when something in me broke.

Was it the 9-5 or my Dad dying or the drugs or the comfort eating or the agonising periods or the voices or the deep knowing that there was so much more to life?

Somewhere in my bones I knew I had to escape to somewhere warm, soft and nurturing and bring myself back to life.

So I did.

And, I never went back.

So love, if you are struggling I know what it’s like. I’ve been there. Head in the club toilet, no money, abusive relationship, looking for drugs in the carpet. Trust me, I’ve done it. And I’m smiling as I write this because it’s hard for me to remember who that girl was.

What helped me heal?

Womb healing.
Plant medicine.

And... perhaps the most important thing was being away from people who were so set in their ways that around them I felt suffocated and unwelcome to be myself.

Maintaining impeccable boundaries has been essential for my liberation and bliss.

All that plus this magickal moment...

During one month-long silent retreat, I entered a state of total oneness and with it came the remembrance of something I can only describe as an ancient truth of what the earth really is. I perceived the framework behind all phenomena as being composed of love and spent several months in a blissful non-dual state. Slowly, I began to integrate my experience back into a grounded way of life. I felt called to share these profound experiences and shortly after was asked to begin teaching yoga and meditation at a healing centre on the island. I spent two years as resident teacher at Orion, co-running the yoga programme. In my two years at Orion I met thousands of women who were struggling to get back to that delicious feeling of nourishment, vitality, beauty and fullness and this is when my work became purely for women.

I haven't lived a normal life for a long time + I won't be starting to soon.

I spent five years living in the tropical jungle – that will do something to a woman! I lived so close to nature, so often in ceremony, a life that was so electric in the healthiest of ways. I learned so much during this time and have integrated my wild, island life into a more grounded European life today. 

I decided to come back to Europe because I want the medicine I've gathered to go where it needs to go. 

I am deeply in love with life... my life. And I'm not about pretending things can be perfect – especially during late-stage capitalism and climate collapse – BUT, things can be pretty wildly wonderful if that is what you deeply desire.

The life you see me living is wild + free, full + blissful. And a lot of that comes from disregarding pretty much everything we're told we should be doing. Because I tried that and you already heard where it got me.

I don't eat the foods that everybody else eats, I don't move my body like everybody else, I don't plan my life like everybody else does, I don't.... you get the drift. Not because I think I'm special or better than anybody else....


You don't need to move countries or
spend years trying to change your life...

Everything I teach comes from embodied experience. When you join me for a course or retreat, you are tapping into everything I've lived.

When I stopped accepting the limitations of the people who'd gone before me as the extent of my possibilities, profound shifts in my consciousness, embodiment, health and wealth occurred. 

There is no such thing as a perfect life. I'm aiming to be open to life, to move with it, to stay devoted to the feminine way of processing reality, dedicated to my body and soul, committed to speaking and living in love and truth and, ultimately, to growth.

If this calls you and you want to try some of my medicine, you are very warmly invited.

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