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Women's Retreat

May 6-13, Italy

Join Miriam in Italy in Spring 2023 for a
week of  feminine magick, embodiment, beauty medicine, nourishment and spiritual practice at one of Europe's best-loved retreat centres.

It's a week spent in the feminine frequency. It's a method promoting nervous-system healing, deep connection with the wisdom of your body and the rediscovery of your feminine magick – all rolled in to one blissful week in Italy. 

Nectar is more than a retreat...


Nectar has been carefully created to be the women's retreat of a lifetime: a haven of peace and beauty in the southern Italian countryside where your days are filled with healing yoga, organic food, sunshine & feminine wisdom. Voted one of the World's Best Yoga Retreats, La Rosa dei 4 Venti is a stunning environment where everything is taken care of for you. Every second of every day is for you: your body, your practice, your health, your pleasure... the deep nourishment of your feminine energy. 

In this harmonious environment, you are called to remember yourself as a woman: to come back home to your deepest essence, reawaken the sensuality and pleasure of your body, still your mind and rest in the sacred wisdom that is yours by birthright. As the stunning Puglian countryside around us erupts in its fullest bloom, so do we. This is a unique opportunity to combine deep healing work and ancient feminine wisdom in a retreat setting. 

There is a way of living for women which is lunar, succulent + nourishing.

This way prioritises the intuitive, sacred and sensual.

It understands the role pleasure, beauty and nature play in a woman's fulfilment.

It recognises grief, sacred rage and complex emotional states as part of feminine awakening.

It says womb, breasts and pussy are places of deep wisdom, ready to be reclaimed.

It rejects the linear, fast-paced and desensitised ways of the modern world.

my body says yes

These are the ways of the Women's Mysteries.

And they are the ground Nectar stands on.

Our Temple:
La Rosa Dei 4 Venti

feminine wisdom

healing yoga

​La Rosa Dei 4 Venti is a renovated ancient Masseria located in the Puglian countryside. It has been carefully designed as the ideal environment for deep spiritual work. An environment of beauty, tranquility and high energy has been created: the perfect place for a women's temple week. On your breaks you can walk barefoot around the gardens, taking in the sights, visiting the animals, smelling the flowers and herbs perfuming La Rosa's peaceful grounds. Visit LRDV's website here.

Italy is Goddess Country

At one time on earth, the women's mysteries would be passed from mother to daughter. But with the attempted destruction of the Goddess-worshipping cultures and advent of patriarchy, what was once practical, initiatory knowledge became hidden.

If you're a woman who feels her womb stirring with the memory  of this wisdom, I invite you to join this one of a kind experience.

Nectar is a week-long immersion into the wisdom of the women’s mysteries. Learn practices and embodied wisdom to support you in accessing the deep, soft and succulent life which inspires you, re-programmes your nervous system, prioritises rest and ease and keeps you feeling relaxed, radiant and connected to your purpose.

The land of the women's mysteries

Meet your host

Hi love, I'm Miriam Ropschitz and Nectar is a tried-and-tested method I teach women looking for ways to bring the magick, power and pleasure they desire into their world in a tangible way. I've been refining the practices and techniques I share in Nectar since hosting my first retreats in 2016. This is my life's work and it's a joy to host women from all the over the world in-person at this life-changing week in Italy.  You can read more about my story here.

course content

Who is Nectar for?

Nectar is for women wanting to live full lives, in touch with their gifts, their creative and sexual power; for women who are not afraid to do things differently. Perhaps you identify with the archetype of the wild woman, the witch or the priestess? Perhaps you've been on this path for a while, or maybe you've only just begun. Anyone is welcome to apply to join Nectar. All I ask is that you feel called to this retreat somewhere deep within your soul.

I'm in

Woman, your body was built for bliss; you are here to live a life of joy and pleasure. Nectar brings you back to
this place of ancient remembrance.

This is for me

Those of us born in women's bodies have access to expedited spiritual growth. For us it happens through the body. Our breasts, hearts, womb, yonis, cervixes and throats are all imbued with an ancient intelligence. When this body-based wisdom is awakened, we will find ourselves remembering the full potential of our human lives and, if we desire it, can begin to live this potential here and now on earth as the sacred women we were born to be. This knowledge lays the groundwork for whatever you wish to do with your life. From this foundation, the world opens up.

Your Body is Your Spiritual Practice

Your Body is Your Spiritual Practice

Womb Wisdom

The womb is your centre. Nectar's Womb Wisdom module teaches you about the powers of the womb: sexuality and menstruation. Learn how to develop a deep + loving connection with your sexuality, how to live aligned with your menstrual cycle and heal menstrual challenges. 

techniques include: The Jade Egg, Yoni Steaming, breast, yoni + Womb massage, cycle awareness, yoni de-armouring, crystal wand practices.


The art of receiving the wild intelligence of your body. Women's embodied connection was deliberately severed, so we have mending to do. Learn to establish a daily movement practice. In Nectar you will learn four sequences, one for each phase of your moon cycle, for nourishment, support and power.

Techniques include: Women's Yoga QiGong, self-massage, breathwork, sacred sound, energy work, free-movement and intuitive dance.

Feminine Spirituality

Women are born into a biological-spiritual reality. This module takes you deeper into embodied feminine spirituality, teaching you the ways of the Goddess cultures. You'll choose a Goddess to apprentice with, learning her rituals and wisdom.


Priestess Wisdom

Here you learn how to weave the priestess ways into your life; to create sacred space for yourself and others; to bring ritual into the mundane. A priestess balances discipline with devotion to weave new worlds – we'll take a day of silence to commune with her spirit and collect her medicine. 


The feminine needs ample moments of softness, stillness and sensuality in order to recharge. At Bloom this understanding is built into every day. La Rosa dei Venti holds a very high frequency, which allows for deep healing work. Our daily practices are designed to lovingly open your body up, to increase connection with your breath and subtle energy in order for healing to happen. The natural environment and peace of the centre support these healing intentions and you'll find yourself effortlessly returning to that deep and sacred place within. 

Your Retreat includes...


Choose from a beautiful private or shared room with ensuite bathroom, each one elegantly decorated for maximum comfort and enjoyment. 


LRDV is famous for its delicious, healthy alkaline food. Enjoy brunch, dinner and snacks: vegan/veggie and gluten free with local, seasonal produce. 

daily yoga CLASSES

Morning is a dynamic women's yoga practice, followed by a gentle restorative practice in the afternoon like Yin Yoga or Yoga Nidra. 

women's workshops

Experience Moon Body's signature workshops on the menstrual cycle, sacred sexuality, yoni steaming and the jade egg. 

Women's Yoga

Every day begins with Moon Body's signature yoga practice. These are classical Tantra Yoga classes designed for a woman's body. Did you know that most of the yoga practised is made for a man's body? Miriam's classes are structured to account for the anatomical differences of the female body and the varying energy levels throughout the different phases of the menstrual cycle awareness. By practising in harmony with our menstrual cycle, we begin to understand our cyclical nature in an embodied way and let go of the habit of pushing our bodies when we’re tired, which creates stress and tension. Instead of hyper-focus on alignment, we tune into how our body feels. These classes are sensual, deep and a lot of fun!

Meditation & Breathwork

Every day begins with meditation. Learning how to create a balance between still, silent practices and dynamic movement practices is one effective way of harmonising the balance between our inner-masculine and feminine energy.​ Breathwork will be an important part of our morning practice. Many of our bodily and mental tensions can be dissolved by therapeutic application of pranayama. 

Yin, Yoga Nidra & Sound

Our afternoon sessions are a more gentle exploration of yogic and tantric practices. Each afternoon will be a complement to the morning practice. We’ll explore Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, Healing Sound, Qigong and more. These sessions will not be physically demanding and instead be healing, relaxing, meditative and restorative. 

Food at La Rosa

Food at La Rosa is sublime. We'll enjoy a healthy and mouthwatering variety of vegetarian/vegan food during our stay, including brunch and dinner at the long outdoor patio table, with snacks, fruits and herbal infusions available throughout the day. Food at La Rosa is famous and you'll likely be remembering it for the rest of your life! The menu follows the alkaline food principle, using healthy, local and seasonal produce wherever possible. 

Nectar Workshops

Sacred Sexuality

Yoni Steaming

Menstrual Cycle

Some of our afternoon sessions will be 90-minute workshops on the jade egg practice, sacred sexuality, yoni-steaming and the menstrual cycle. These are fun and interactive sessions where you'll get to share, ask questions and get a taste of the wisdom Miriam shares in her much-loved digital courses and mentoring sessions. These workshops are suitable for women who are new to this work as well as those who already have some understanding.

Some of our afternoon sessions will be 90-minute workshops on the jade egg practice, sacred sexuality, yoni-steaming and the menstrual cycle. These are fun and interactive sessions where you'll get to share, ask questions and get a taste of the wisdom Miriam shares in her much-loved digital courses and mentoring sessions. These workshops are suitable for women who are new to this work as well as those who already have some understanding.

Nectar guides you into

Deep embodiment of your innate feminine wisdom.

Rewiring your nervous system towards rest, pleasure, ease + abundance.

Building your life around your cyclical power,
easeful bleeds + womb wisdom. 

Self-care rituals for beauty, radiance + rest.

Owning your unique erotic blueprint + sacred sexuality with womb + yoni healing practices. 

Daily practices to nourish, renew and
strengthen your power + life force. 

Rituals to honour the Goddess + Feminine Principle. 

What do women say about Nectar?

"I felt truly opened by this experience and like I left the retreat a changed woman! Miriam was such a loving host, the group felt really cared for and nourished by her calm and playful energy and all the gorgeous practices she shared with us! Felt honoured to have shared a space with her and the other women. So much care and attention was paid throughout the whole week, excellent food and massages, beautiful surroundings, nature, animals. Can’t recommend enough!"

Sophie L. 

What do women say about Nectar?

"An absolutely beautiful week! The accommodation, location and retreat centre has a magical energy to it. The food was incredible; fresh, delicious, healthy and creative. Miriam has the most amazing and authentic energy and she brings her heart and soul to her teachings. I laughed, I cried, I connected with amazing women, I learned, I grew and I loved. The retreat far exceeded my expectations and I’m looking forward to joining her again at her future offerings."


What do women say about Nectar?

I don't know what to say. This week has changed something deep within me. I haven't slept so well in years. I feel more confident. My skin is glowing. I a, leaving with 12 new friends, a yoga practice that honours my body as a woman and a deeper understanding of the kind of nourishment I need as a deeply sensitive woman. I'm so grateful that I booked this retreat. Miriam said only to come if I felt a deep pull and I'm so happy I invested in a whole week for myself at the most beautiful place ever.

Jessica M.

Nectar Daily Schedule

7.30-8am: Seated silent meditation
8-10am: Morning Embodiment Practice (Women's Yoga / Qigong / Intuitive Movement / Ecstatic dance.)

10:30am: Brunch

4-5:30pm: Afternoon Workshop (eg Yoni-steaming / the Jade Egg / Sacred Sexuality / Moon Cycles.)

6-7:15pm: Evening Embodiment Practice (Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, Gentle Vinyasa.)

7:30pm: Dinner

If you'd like to spend your free time exploring the region we can happily arrange transport and daytrips.

Useful Information

Bari + Brindisi are almost identical distances from La Rosa.

Arrive any time after 5pm on May 6th for dinner at 7pm. Nectar ends at 9am on the 13th.

We happily arrange transport for you in a private taxi, which can be shared with other guests arriving at the same place. Please let Miriam know in advance if you'd like her to arrange a car for you.

Massages and treatments are available onsite at La Rosa with a highly-experienced therapist.





the force of nature sisters who are here to change the world. This reteat comprises everything I've learned in the last decade. This wisdom has transformed my life in unimaginable ways, and it's time for me to share it with the women who are ready.

is for the wild women;


All Nectar guests receive a gift...

You'll get The Nourished Feminine online course (worth €149.99) for free when you sign up for Nectar.

View the Nourished Feminine

Shared Room

This is a space in a gorgeous two-woman room. You'll be in a single bed. Your ensuite bathroom is shared with your roommate. Pay with one single payment or a payment plan

early bird Price: €2,000

Book your place today with a €400 Deposit


Please read the retreat T&Cs here before paying.

Private Room

This is a space in a gorgeous private room. You'll be in a King-sized bed with a private ensuite bathroom. Pay with one single payment or get in touch for a payment plan.

early bird Price: €2,250

A Taste of Nectar


Will any of the intimate practices happen in a group setting?

No. We'll speak about yoni work together, but anything involving you doing internal work on yourself will be done in private. If you're sharing a room, you and your roommate can arrange some days where you'll give each other an hour of privacy to do your practice. The only yoni work we do together is yoni steaming, which requires no nudity.


No. All that is required is a deep and sincere calling. The retreat is suitable for women who are new to this work and to those who already have some experience in the field. The training is rich and deep and there will be plenty of material for all.

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