Witch: A
Samhain Gathering.

The    Programme

This is a therapeutic self-administered bodywork practice. We work with breast massage, womb massage and internal massage of the pelvic diaphragm. 

This is a practice of self-love and healing. It will feel different for everyone. For some of us it may feel more therapeutic, for others sensual and arousing and for others it may feel like we're moving challenging emotions through our tissues. Or of course, it may feel like a mixture of all three! The practice will be guided in an easy-to-understand and accessible way, so that even if you've never done anything like this before, you'll be able to grasp the methodology and repeat the practice by yourself whenever you feel to. (It's great to touch your breasts, womb and pussy every single day. This full practice, ideally, can be done once a week.)

There is a special kind of magick in our own hands. Our animal bodies require regular touch. Receiving touch from other trusted people is very powerful and is beautifully supported by us developing our own self-touch practice, too. That's what this is: a practice; a sacred sexual self-care practice. We're working with our breasts, womb and pussy, but without any goal of peak arousal.

We're going to move slowly, taking our time as we go. Many of us will have experienced being 'rushed' physically, but in this space we do not rush anything. We slowly titrate towards openness, taking as long as we need to arrive.

This practice comes after my 'Sluts and the Devils' talk intentionally. Woman have received so many damaging messages about our bodies and touching ourselves. This practice works to unwind these ideas and develop new ways of loving and caring for some of the most important parts of our bodies.

Nourishing our tissues and building a loving relationship with our bodies is a key component to enjoying sex, experiencing pleasure & supporting our sexual wellness.

Sacred Sexual Self-Care WORKSHOP

with Miriam

Sunday October 30 | 3.15-4.45pm

What do you need for the practice?

You'll need a warm, comfortable, private space with room to lie down on a bed or a floor.

Oil for breast, womb and pussy massage.

(Please make sure the oil you use for pussy work is safe for internal use. Be aware that some oils have the effect of throwing off your pussy PH – such as coconut.) For example, I love to use a pomegranate + almond oil for breast massage. An almond and clary sage mix for womb massage and castor oil for pussy.

Please be aware that this is a camera-off practice to protect the privacy of the group.

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