Sister Wolf


Begins June 26

Wild, wise women, I'm calling you to deepen into your soul work, body + magick with me...

Sister Wolf is for the women who don't pretend; the ones who don't swim in the shallows. Women who are wise to the ways of commercial spirituality and desire to live something real & true. It's for women who are leaders of the new earth. The ones who have addressed their sister wounds and are here to play a vital role in the resurgence of the wild feminine. Sister Wolf is a 3-month container supporting women who are ready to get radically responsible about claiming the lives of magick, pleasure and power that the goddess wants for them. Sister Wolves, it's time to bow at the altar of the feminine and let yourself be held and supported as you move beyond patterns and conditioning, into a life that turns your eros all the way on, nourishes you abundantly and shares your soul work with the ones who
 need it the most.

this is me. Sign me up, witch.

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These are the values of Sister Wolf.

Move past your blocks
in a safe + sensual way.

Sister Wolf is a space for shameless desire, full open hearts, connected wombs and the sacred waters turned on. I want you to be living an erotic life. I want you to be in pursuit of your wildest dreams. Together we're going to move through three intimate months of mentoring, where we, as sisters – not some bullshit concept of sisterhood, but actual, real, accountable sister-love – are going to hold, inspire, mirror and dream big together, practising community, healing and the kind of self-love so deep that your ancestors can feel it. 

course content

Sometimes you need a pack of sisters at your back

Perhaps, like me, you've grown tired of superficial feminine empowerment. Perhaps you long for the blood, bones and milk of feminine truth. Sister Wolf brings us back to the earth, back to reality, off the internet and into the soil of existence. On the web of life, we'll find ourselves home again. Interwoven. Exactly where we need to be. Supported. Loved. Gifts ready to be shared from a foundation of truth, realness and feminine magick. Sisterhood is being sold and commercialised, but that won't wash here. This is for women who are ready to step into genuine sisterly relationship where competition and jealousy no longer exist unconsciously.


“I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.”

Anais Ninn

Sacred Content

2 monthly calls

2 x 90-minute live group mentoring sessions each month. These work as attunements. Calls are Mondays at 7pm (GMT), they're recorded.


This is where you receive daily support, encouragement and inspiration. It's a space to make your VMs to the goddess and your deepest shares.

2 x 1-1 with miriam

You receive two 60-minute 1-1 mentoring calls with Miriam, which can be taken at any point during the programme. These calls activate and inspire!

embodiment library 

Receive 3 months of access to the Embodiment Library, full of videos of my favourite practices to support your time in Sister Wolf.

Month 1


Month 2


Month 3


A month to focus on healing your feminine power centres & anchoring new levels of energy, pleasure & sensation into the body. 

Calling all your power back to you. Cutting chords to anything draining you psychically. Expanding your capacity to hold and move energy.

Refining your power to be out in the world as your distinctive essence – your feminine magick. The fuel for the life of your dreams.

Module 1: Embody

This is about more than just loving your body. This is about nurturing your temple, daily. Learn the most important practices and wisdom I use in my own life to keep me at the healthiest I've ever been – in my mid-30s. Begin to see your body through the true lens of beauty. Start to discover your authentic voice. Know what it means to be embodied. Come home to the nectar-drenched state of being that is true feminine embodiment. Allow your nervous system to re-attune itself. Get strong by becoming softer than you ever knew you could be. This is the foundation for holding and sustaining abundant, soul-led business and feminine leadership: nourishing your temple must come first. Now. And always. We'll be looking at the ways that sister wound pattern shows up in our embodiment and the ways that we as feminine leaders can heal them to come into better connection with the women in our lives.


Month 2: Power

With our focus on embodiment in our first month, in the second we start to plug any energy leaks in our field and call our power back to us. This goes beyond the body; this is our mind and spirit, too. We'll explore our conditioning as wild women and start to clear any patterns we have taken on to let our feral feminine rear her head again. Get clear on what your unique medicine is and what may be standing in the way of you fully stepping into it. What is your true voice? What are you here to do? How can you live the life you dream of? These are the questions we'll be working with in our second month of Sister Wolf. 

PRACTICES INCLUDE: Creating an ethics and values statement; pelvic work; rewilding your woman; embodied creation assignments, opening the
erotic channel + more.

Module 3: Magick

From a full cup we pour our magick out into the world. We've refined our voice and now it's time to sing our gifts out. Magick is always happening. The question is: Are you clear on what kind of spells you are casting? This month is focused on the work of fine-tuning our reality, encoding our lives with the tone of pleasure, sensuality, slowness and deep feminine wisdom. This month is about landing in a state of feminine magick and anchoring it into the mundane. How do you bring your magick into your work and creations so that you are expressing your soul and nourishing yourself simultaneously? How might you change the way you work and lead to allow space for the magick of who you truly are? These are two of our key inquiries in month 3 of Sister Wolf. 



This is what I hold for you in Sister Wolf.

1. Unearth your sacred medicine + channel it into your soul-led work.

2. Heal the Sister Wound + deepen into your ability to hold women.

3. Refine your style of feminine leadership in community.

4. Recode your body to ease + sensuality with feminine wisdom.

5. Deepen into your magickal + embodied practices with sisters.

6, Build a foundation of ethics + integrity beneath your soul-led work.


This is not your usual programme. Sister Wolf is an invitation for us to go into the mystery together... 

Sister Wolf will ask you for deep presence and commitment. This will be a time of devotion where we can deepen into our work with the feminine mysteries and all that entails. Please give yourself time to feel into this offering before committing. I want you to feel in your bones that this is for you.

You cannot build something beautiful without the good soil of a solid, sustainable and ethical foundation. Sister Wolf centres soul, integrity and truth. My prayer is that you emerge from this container more rooted into your feminine wisdom than you ever thought possible.

Sister Wolf Prayers

What the Sister Wolves say

During my time in Sister Woolf, I felt like I was covered in a warm blanket of Miriam's presence.  It was a transformative period where I had the privilege of witnessing the embodiment of non-dominant leadership among women. 
Miriam's strong, soft, warm, and sensual guidance made an everlasting impression on my soul. Within the sacred space she cultivated, she effortlessly exemplified that authentic leadership surpasses dominance and control, instead emphasising the power of collaboration, respect, and a profound reverence for the innate feminine energy within every individual. And this is what truly set this experience apart for me from others: the absence of hierarchy and power struggles. Miriam created an environment where everyone felt valued and heard. For these invaluable lessons, I am eternally grateful to Miriam for have it placed into my aura. Her profound impact will forever resonate within me.

KARIN RUST | @karin_rust_

What the Sister Wolves say

I recently joined Miriam's Sister Wolf, it was held over the darkest months of the year and was a tender, deeply intimate group of sister connections. I knew as soon as Miriam shared about the mentorship that I would love to be a part of it.  Over the 3 months together Miriam gently guided us into new depths of embodiment, power and magik, every exploration she invited us into was an offering to drop deeper into our own feminine wisdom and it was so, so beautiful. I have come away from the mentorship with an even deeper layer of embodiment within my own life and own practice, in particular it has brought me into deeper relation with my pussy and for me, that has been a real game changer in the way I relate to Her and the world around me. Miriam also supported me within aspects of my business as it continues to grow and stabilize and since the mentorship I have been able to create and share with the world some of my most heartfelt creations and offerings and they are being beautifully received. Finally, Sister Wolf enabled me to explore my own wounds around Sisterhood in a deeply loving space that was cultivated so tenderly by Miriam and the group as a whole. The whole mentorship was supportive, nourishing and full of the Magick of what it means to be a Woman. Thank you Miriam for your Magick, I look forward to journeying with you again soon. 

Jasmin Chew  | @iamjasminechew

We begin Monday June 26

Once your payment has been made, you'll receive access to the online portal where call recordings will be uploaded.



PAY IN FULL: £2,500

3 payments of £888



Sabrina, NJ

Working with Miriam set me back on my path. A year has passed since my 6 months of mentoring and life has truly opened up to me. I feel finally at home in my body and have permanently healed my PCOS. She's an angel.

Steph, Switzerland

Being on retreat with Miriam is like being in another universe. That week in Italy was pure bliss. And. it changed my life. Nothing has been the same since! Thank you, love.

Brigitte S, New York

"Working with Miriam in Rooted was one of the best decisions I've ever made. She is the divine feminine embodied. Her presence in my life in just a short time has changed me on the deepest of levels."

Julie P, Paris

"I was struggling. I had lost every joy. I was destroying myself. With Miriam, I reconnected with my feminine, learned to listen to my body, and nourished myself. Finally, I feel like I came back to the real me." 

Laurene, Paris

Authentic, true, gentle, knowledgeable, humble, deeply and beautifully feminine, I really appreciate Miriam, her teaching, her being. 


It is difficult to put into words the feeling of peace, gratitude and love
felt after just an hour in Miriam’s presence... it has to be experienced!