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A 5-week online container of goddess wisdom + sacred sexuality, integrating the light and dark feminine erotic.


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Aphrodite is not who you think she is...

Much of the modern mental image of Aphrodite is based upon Botticelli's 'The Birth of Venus'.

The milky-skinned damsel emerging from the
ocean, hands covering her breasts and pussy.

But this is Aphrodite post-patriarchy.

This is the goddess with her dark feminine
extracted for the status quo's convenience.

The truth of the goddess of sexual love is far more nuanced... far darker... and far more interesting.

tell me her secrets

At the heart of her mystery lies a key for women desiring to live from the full-spectrum of the feminine erotic.

Her story is the red thread, which runs through Temple of Aphrodite.


Aphrodite met the same fate as mortal women: she had her dark feminine essence exiled
to be more palatable
to patriarchy.

When the dark feminine erotic is liberated and integrated, we begin to own our desire, explore taboos and embody the fullness of our sexual and sensual power as women.

In other words:

I need this in my life

Like Aphrodite, women have been entrained to limit the expression of  our sexuality to the light feminine erotic.

We become the unapologetic sex priestesses of our wildest dreams.

This is the work we do in:


We rewild the goddess
to rewild ourselves.

Temple of Aphrodite is an online space of healing, sexuality and full-spectrum eros. As we trace the parts of Aphrodite which have been forgotten, we put back together the truth of the feminine erotic. We remember the wild power of the dark feminine and explore the interplay of light and dark feminine through four key feminine archetypes: Lover; Whore; Siren and Priestess. As we restore the parts of Aphrodite - goddess of sex and love - deemed improper by the patriarchy, we map and reclaim our own divinely 'improper' parts.

course content

This course is a living
library of temple arts

Each Monday for five weeks, the Temple of Aphrodite meets for a live call. Video content is included in the online course to support the exploration of each week's archetype: Lover,  Whore, Siren + Priestess . The course is yours to keep returning to for support, until the practices and teachings feel as though they have become fully embodied.  

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Sacred Content

Goddess wisdom

This online temple is inspired by and devoted to Goddess Aphrodite. In TOA, you'll receive the medicine of this goddess and learn her wise ways. 

sacred sexual practices

You'll learn breast massage, jade egg, de-armouring, yoni wand and self-massage practices and develop your own sacred sexuality practice. 

sexual Healing

This is a trauma-informed course where you'll be encouraged to honour your boundaries whilst unlearning unhelpful conditioning. 

shadow work

The dark feminine is an ally in TOA, meaning we'll be looking closely at our unconscious sexual beliefs through the practice of shadow work.

Temple of Aphrodite works with four erotic archetypes





Week One: Lover

This is the classical feminine erotic archetype – and is mostly associated with Light Feminine energetics. In W1, we explore ways in which we embody the Lover in our lives and relationships, and the many ways that the shadows of the Lover come out to play, such as codependency and drama. Our work this week is to attune to the frequency of passion + pleasure and to learn how our inner-Lover attracts the object of our desire. towards us. 

Course Content:

Breast massage, feminine energetics, yoni reflexology. Self-pleasure, choosing your yoni tools. The beauty way, radiance + self-adornment. Yoni steaming.

Week Two: Whore

The Whore usually occupies a space in our unconscious. Bringing her out of the shadows frees up immense erotic energy, which can then be played with and channelled towards our deepest desires. The Whore is powerful. In W2 as you meet your inner-Whore you'll move through practices which challenge you to claim your desires + fantasies (even the less-than-pc ones) and liberate the sacred whore within. 

Course Content:

Sexual shadow-work, yoni de-armouring, erotic dance. Boundaries + consent. Taboo + fantasy. The base (anal play).

Week Three: Sacred Pause

When we work with sexuality and sexual energy we inevitably unearth our own and collective shadows. It's important to move slowly through this work. In W3, we take a pause from consuming new content and reflect upon and integrate what has already been covered. This is a chance to catch up on any missed content and connect with the group through our weekly sharing circle and the TOA online community space.

Week Four: Siren

The Siren is the archetype of feminine magnetism. Sometimes she's known as the seductress; sometimes she's known as the succubus. The Siren can both tempt and attract in her gentler embodiments and drain and devour in more challenging ones. This archetype has been misunderstood by the collective and holds significant charge for us to unpack. 

Course Content:

Magnetism, the jade egg, the sacred waters.
Healthy polarity. Desire mapping. Sex magick.

Week Five: Priestess

In W5 we weave the threads of Temple of Aphrodite together, asking where can we integrate the inner-dark and -light feminine erotic? Where can we understand our sexuality as a sacred sexual current, which can be a part of our spiritual practice? Where can we bring ritualised sex and the gifts of the temple arts into daily life for greater pleasure and magick in our relationship to self and others?

Course Content:

Ritualised sex; Sexual energy cultivation; Creating temple space with a lover; the Temple Arts in daily life.

TOA gives you

TOA is more than just calls and content... this container is designed to drop you into embodied pleasure, sacred sex, sensuality and goddess energy.

Yep. I'm in.

5 x Live 90-minute Calls with q&a
sacred sexual embodiment practices
online sharing space
lifetime access to the online temple
shared space with miriam via voxer
an introduction to the jade egg practice,
de-armouring, yoni-steaming + more

Which translates to...

authentic sexual expression
healing sexual conditioning
working on sister wounding
alchemising sexual shadow
directing your sexual energy
your own sexual self-care practice
more pleasure + deeper orgasms
sexual energy for health + fertility
nervous-system regulation + healing
deeper embodiment

Temple of Aphrodite

sounds good, I'm in

The Calls                                

Week 1: Lover                     
 Monday, May 16th
 Week 2: Whore                   
 Monday, May 23rd 
 Week 3: Sacred Pause
 Monday, May 30th

Week 4: Siren
 Monday, June 6th
Week 5: Priestess
 Monday, June 13th

Calls are at 7pm UK time and last 90 minutes. They are recorded for those unable to join live.

Your Guide:

Miriam Ropschitz

Miriam Ropschitz is a writer, facilitator of body-based teachings on the Feminine + the creatrix of Moon Body. She guides women back to their womb power through her emergent body of work on menstrual and sexual embodiment. Passionate about the wild power of the Feminine, Miriam understands the womb as a woman’s gateway to the Goddess. She is dedicated to bringing women home to their bodies as the foundation for living in pleasure, power + magick. You’ll find her teaching retreats in Europe, holding powerful online containers and mentoring magickal women from around the world. 

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Sacred Sexual Embodiment

TOA includes gently-paced sacred sexuality work for you to practise in the comfort of your own home. You'll learn various techniques to 'map' your yoni for tension, numbness and pleasure and then to move lovingly through what you meet. Next, we'll move on to orgasmic anatomy where you'll learn about internal orgasm, with practices to support you in experiencing these deeply-healing pleasure states. And finally you'll be instructed in how to start (or continue) a safe, sensual and therapeutic jade egg practice.

This work is shared in a trauma-informed way and is backed by 8/5 years of practice/teaching. 

Miriam's intention is that you will leave TOA with a confident, safe and nourishing sacred sexual self care practice, which you'll continue with once the live course has finished.

Be part of a community of women integrating the full-spectrum of the erotic feminine.

Begins May 16th.

Temple of Aphrodite



payment plan


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payment plan

2 x €777


A 75-minute online session to take the work deeper.

 €555 x 2

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