The Jade Witch 

sAMHAIN Jade eGG retreat, Switzerland

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October 30-Nov 1

Samhain is the perfect time for women to gather and learn the ancient art of jade egg practice.

The Jade Witch is the Samhain edition of Miriam Ropschitz's body of work called The Jade Root. In this 3-day retreat, you'll learn how to start your own safe, sensual and therapeutic jade egg practice. 

Nestled in a beautiful hotel in the hills of Switzerland's Val Medel in Graubünden, you'll join a group of sisters for a weekend of feminine embodiment practices.

The Jade Witch is a celebration of the feminine. 

During the witch trials, being a sexual woman was punishable by torture and death. But here we are...

The Jade Egg practice is a powerful way for women to strengthen the root of their power, connect with their sensuality, heal trauma and optimise their health and radiance. 

This will be a weekend to remember. 

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The Jade Witch Vibe

sacred sexuality


earth wisdom

season of the witch

On Samhain, the veils between worlds are thin.


the jade egg is embodied spiritual practice 

You'll learn the work of the Jade Root, an integrated and holistic approach to jade egg work where proper attention is paid to connecting back to your root, the feminine energy matrix and key preparatory practices. This weekend retreat will give you enough wisdom to develop your own healthy, powerful jade egg practice. This work supports women on all levels: spiritually, physiologically. emotionally and sexually. 

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sacred feminine embodiment work

Using the egg internally is but a tiny part of this work. You'll learn breast massage, energy circulation practices, Qigong, yoga, meditation, breath work and sound practices, all of which are used to prepare the body for internal use of the egg and to support the cultivation of sexual energy. This weekend will fill you up from the inside out. You'll feel more relaxed, radiant and experience the sense of profound wellbeing that comes with root connection.


A woman's power is at her root – her yoni. Jade Egg work goes straight to the source, reconnecting women back to their true, embodied centre & healing them from the inside out.  

Miriam Ropschitz

Waking the Witches



During Samhain (Halloween), the veils are thin. This is a powerful time to spend among sisters doing deep work. We'll make time for a magickal Samhain ceremony on October 31st to celebrate the Witches' New Year. 

What's included

Jade Egg education

You'll learn the foundational preparation practices for the jade egg and several beginner-friendly practices. 


You'll stay for Saturday and Sunday night at the beautiful Hotel Medelina, a stylish Swiss-style mountain hotel.


You'll enjoy two delicious vegan/vegetarian meals a day. Our evening meal is 3 courses of seasonal, local delights. 

Nature time 

Our weekend retreat takes place in beautiful nature, providing the perfect places for hikes and explorations. 


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DAY ONE, Saturday 30
aRRIVAL: From 11am
Lunch: 12:30pm

Session One
3-4pm: Opening Circle
4-6pm: the pelvic bowl - Anatomy, embodied movement & womb clearing. 

7pm: Dinner

9-9:45pm: Yoga nIDRA 

day two, samhain
8-9:30am: Women's Yoga + breathwork

10:30 Brunch

12:30-2:30PM: Jade eGG PREPARATORY PRACTICES (energy work, breast massage, inner-smile meditation, microcosmic orbit)

4pm-6pm: jade egg practice

7pm: dinner

9pm: samhain sister ceremony with cacao, herbal elixirs and magick medicinal potions

day three, nov 1
8am: breakfast 

10-12:30pm women's yoga, embodied movement & breathwork.

1pm: lunch

2-4.30pm: jade egg practice & closing circle

the food

This is a vegan/vegetarian retreat. 

Every evening the long wooden table is set and you'll be pampered with a fresh, seasonal, surprising 3-course menu.

You will be served coffee from the Bezzera, homemade cake, homemade drinks and more. 

Pricing Options

Choose your desired room from the selection below and inform Miriam via email. If you haven't worked with Miriam before, she will book in a time to talk with you as a way of care-taking the energy of this intimate gathering. 

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CHF 999

shared room (2 people)       

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Shared Room (4 People)        

CHF 777

nephrite jade egg

chf 60

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 1 Room remaining



is this retreat okay for an absolute beginner?

Yes! This retreat has been designed with beginners to the jade egg practice in mind. This retreat is for you. Miriam will meet you where you are at and provide all the information required for you to start with your own jade egg practice.

Is this retreat suitable for me if i have already been using a jade egg?

Yes! The foundational practices are never finished. Although this retreat goes over the foundations of the jade egg practice, it still holds so much wisdom for a woman who has already been practising with an egg for some time. Join and enjoy perfecting what you already know in a beautiful environment. 

what covid measures are in place?

Hotel Medelina operates a very careful cleaning process to ensure the hotel is clean and safe for its guests. Guests of the Jade Witch will be need to have the Covid Certificate to join the retreat. Miriam is unvaccinated and so will use a PCR Test valid for 72 hours. 

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