Witch: A
Samhain Gathering.

The    Programme

Wild Movement is a practice of non-linear movement, gentle breath work, stretching, shaking, energy work and prayer. These classes are deeply accessible and meet you wherever you are: tired, energised, injured, menstruating, breast-feeding – everybody can receive the medicine here.

Wild Movement is an invitation to move your body beyond the linearity of any prescribed system. This practice asks you to welcome yourself onto the earth beneath your feet exactly as you are, celebrating the freedom of being able to move, enjoy every gentle stretch, noticing the pleasure of the breath. 

This practice is gentle, deep, nourishing and simple. It is suitable for everyone and anyone. Wild Movement intends to get us into our bodies and our breath without doing anything particularly fancy. The thinking here is that our bodies are already fancy and fantastical enough as they are! No backflips required.

Throughout 'Witch' we're going to speak frequently about embodiment. Understanding the history of the Witch Trials is really important for learning what took place for us to get disembodied in the first place. These movement practices are intended to bring us into loving contact with out beautiful, sacred and loved body.

Wild Movement 

with Miriam

saturday october 29, 11.45am-12:30

sunday october 30, 11.30am-12:30

What do you need for the practice?

You need a comfortable space (ideally a yoga mat or thick blanket on the floor) with some pillows and another blanket to cover your body during relaxation at the end of practice. 

Please be aware that as these classes are guided over Zoom, Miriam will not be able to offer suggestions, so you will need to practice within your own safe range of movement. Miriam is looking forward to move with you.

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