Witch: A
Samhain Gathering.

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For women interested in embodiment and magick, understanding how the Witch Hunts distorted our relationship with our bodies and the land is important, useful and – I hope you agree! – deeply fascinating.

This talk is a no-bullshit, historically accurate telling of the way the socio-cultural currents of this time forever altered our embodiment. 

Drawing upon several key texts and theories about the Witch Hunts (particularly Silvia Federici's 'Caliban and the Witch') – and debunking a few well-meaning texts and theories, too! – I'm going to tell you the story of the Witch Hunts through the eyes of women, land and the body.

You'll hear about the privatisation of the common lands and the effect it had on the working peoples and the way it severed so much of the residual animism that was a part of daily life. I'll speak to the view of woman's body as a means to produce low-cost labour and the ways this altered the perception of sexuality and deepened the pre-existing objectification and commodification of woman.

We'll speak about the Witch Hunts as a misogynistic war on women, their freedom, the true feminine & how the residue of these times shows up today.

This information is essential knowledge for spiritual women with an interest in these times who wish to move away from the highly-charged inaccurate retellings of the Witch Hunts and towards one which is grounded in earth, truth and body.

Miriam is very much looking forward to offering this talk!


with Miriam

saturday october 29, 2-3pm