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You're a spiritual woman who eats well, takes care of herself and loves to know the newest self-care rituals. You know that your sexual essence is a deep and sacred part of who you are as a woman, but you're not sure how to go about making this a part of your life. Sacred Sexual Self Care is a self-study online course which teaches women like you how to integrate a deep, ritualistic, sacred self-pleasure practice into your life. 

In Sacred Sexual Self Care you'll learn how to begin inhabiting your feminine power centre – your womb and yoni; how to drop deep into a state where you can begin to cultivate your sexual energy; and techniques for therapeutic yoni massage, de-armouring and exploration of healing internal orgasms. This course is trauma-informed, gentle and powerful. It contains everything you need to support you on this journey into your authentic sexual essence. 

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Healing orgasms bring quantum shifts

Your yoni is magickal. Not only is she a portal between heaven and earth, she can make deep healing medicine and sensual abundance a part of your daily reality. This course guides you through therapeutic yoni massage and de-armouring practices and supports you to explore the orgasmic potential of your G-spot and Cervix – parts of your body with profound orgasmic healing capabilities. As you open your body to more pleasure you build more safety in your body and invite more ease and flow into life.

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Trauma-aware, feminine wisdom

Sacred Sexual Self Care at its core understands why women may feel disconnected from their sexuality. Miriam has worked with hundreds of women over the last 7 years and listened to their stories in workshops, 1-1s and retreats from Europe to Asia. This course goes slow, encouraging you to take your time to unravel your sexual essence like a blooming rose. You'll find a loving, nourishing presence woven throughout all the content of this course, creating a warm coccoon for you to relax into. 


Your sexuality

is sacred.

Join the Women transforming their lives through sacred sexual reclamation.

Sacred Content


Learn to come home to your womb space through practices designed to connect you back to your feminine power centre.


Breath work, Yoga Nidra and Breast Massage practices support you to get into your body and open up the pathways to profound pleasure. 

Yoni Healing

Guided audio meditations lead you through self massage and de-armouring practices designed to build loving connecting with your yoni. 

self pleasure

Receive insights on healing orgasms, yoni wands and jade eggs to get you started with exploring your own self pleasure practice. 

Module 1

the womb space

Module 2

Pleasure Pathways

Module 3

Self-Pleasure Priestess

Practices like the womb clearing meditation and pelvic bowl visualisation support you to reorient your consciousness back to the feminine power centres. 

Yoga Nidra for rest, breath work to open the energetic pathways and breast massage to stimulate sexual energy. These embodiment tools are lifelong allies on the journey.

Guided internal explorations of your yoni and sacred sexual wisdom transmissions support you to unlock the orgasmic magick of your pussy.

Module 1:
The Womb Space

Your womb space is the key treasure in your feminine power centre. Establishing connection with your womb is essential before any true shifts in your sexuality can be felt. This module is all about supporting you to reconnect with the sacred space of creativity, intuition and magick within you. Through meditation and visualisation practices learn the anatomy of your pelvic bowl, how to energetically clear your womb space and how to fill it with loving energy. 

Module 2:
Pleasure Pathways

Sexual self care is a practice and practices require discipline. In Module 2 you'll learn some of my favourite embodiment practices which are the perfect complement to sexual self care work. They are breath work, breast massage and yoga nidra. In detailed guided video and audio practices, I'll bring you through these beautiful modalities and you'll understand how each one lends its own superpower to the art of sexual energy cultivation. 

Module 3:
Self-pleasure Priestess

Now we get to the self-pleasure part! In this module you'll be guided through the art of therapeutic yoni massage, de-armouring and yoni reflexology. First you'll learn how to offer loving touch to any numbness or pain in your yoni. Then watch the video on healing orgasms and learn about why your cervix and G-spot are such incredible parts of the female body. This module is designed to support you to begin making your self-pleasure practice a part of everyday life. 

Your Sexual Self Care Guide

Welcome, love.
My name is Miriam. I've had the deep privilege of sharing sacred feminine wisdom with women like you for the last 7 years. I've watched how sacred sexual self care transforms women from the inside out, bringing them into closer contact with their deepest dreams and wildest pleasure. It never ceases to amaze me how powerful a woman becomes when she aligns herself with her sacred sexuality. I'm excited to offer you this course as a way to begin claiming more of your authentic sexual expression. I'm wishing you a juicy and expansive journey into sacred sexual self care. 

Brigitte S, New York

"Working with Miriam in Rooted was one of the best decisions I've ever made. She is the divine feminine embodied. Her presence in my life in just a short time has changed me on the deepest of levels."

Julie P, Paris

I was struggling. I had lost every joy. I was destroying myself. With Miriam, I reconnected with my feminine, learned to listen to my body, and nourished myself. Finally, I feel like I came back to the real me.  

Laurene, Paris

Authentic, true, gentle, knowledgeable, humble, deeply and beautifully feminine, I really appreciate Miriam, her teaching, her being. 


It is difficult to put into words the feeling of peace, gratitude and love felt after just an hour in Miriam’s presence... it has to be experienced! 

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