Hi love. My name is Miriam Ropschitz 

my story

I'm the creatress of moon body

My path to this moment has been a wild one.

I'm a writer, women's work leader, menstrual and sexual guide, and a Jewish woman of Eastern European and Middle Eastern ancestry, born in Somerset, England. I've spent the last decade studying, practising and teaching feminine reclamation and embodied spiritual practice. Leaving my life in the UK as a magazine writer in my early-20s, I spent the next 7 years living between a tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand and India. 

My years on the island were spent in intensive study of tantric practices, in ceremony with plant teachers of the Amazon and in silent retreat, alone in my house on a deserted hilltop overlooking the ocean. Later, I began sharing what I'd learned in this period of study at one of Thailand's premier healing centres. This is when Moon Body was born.​ Since then I've shared my work in retreats, festivals and workshops around the world. 

Aquarius Sun, Libra
Rising + Taurus Moon 

I've dedicated the last decade of my life to deep inner-work and I learned – and continue to learn – vital things about how women can live joyful, sensual, liberated lives. In my years as a feminine wisdom guide I've helped countless women heal menstrual challenges, rediscover authentic sexuality and ignite their womb power. This is what I was born to do. 

I have a bone-deep love for the wild.

Growing up in rural England, I have a deep affinity with the wild. Much of my work is spent reacquainting women with their forgotten wildness through menstrual healing, pleasure reclamation and soul magick. Based in the mystical hills of Portugal, I'm blessed to support women all over the world through my work. I welcome you to this space with warmth and openness, hoping you find here what you are seeking. Blessings to all your relations.

my work

Modalities I call upon


I'm a long-term student, practitioner (and later, teacher) of Yoga, Qigong, breathwork, meditation, the Jade Egg, sacred sexuality and dance.


Years of intensive work with plant teachers of the Amazon and silent meditation retreat influence the way I hold spaces of clarity, cleanliness and integrity.


My primary teacher is Mother Earth. Above all else, I am committed to living in right relationship with her and learning new ways to do so.


My studies of Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Folk Medicine inform the way I work. I'm grateful to have received these learnings from my teachers. 

I am wildly devoted to...





Spiritual mentor

devoted tantrika

Feminine Guide

My Story

I was born an incredibly sensitive little girl in Somerset, England in 1988 (a place known to those familiar with the Arthurian legends as Avalon). I grew up in a half-Jewish family in a place in the world where there were no other Jewish people. From my earliest years I felt that I was vastly different from those around me. As a child I had visions and talked to plants and animals. I spent a lot of time alone, exploring the beautiful grounds of the farm I grew up on.

An English Literature graduate, In my early 20s I worked as a magazine editor. One day my life imploded. My father passed, I was experiencing painful, heavy periods and intense PMS; I was experiencing substance abuse; my life was in a mess and my mental health was suffering. I was hearing voices and was terrified that there was something seriously wrong. I intuitively knew that I needed a total change of scenery to move through whatever this was, so I packed everything up and moved to Bangkok. Now, all these years later I understand that I was passing through a dark night of the soul.

My healing journey

With the space to be by myself and deeply relax, I entered a period of profound healing. I gave up drugs and alcohol and began to clean up my body through cellular detox and other healing protocols. I had been practising yoga and meditation for many years already. In Thailand I felt called to study these practices in greater depth. A retreat brought me to the island of Koh Phangan – a beautiful crystal-blue-watered, white-sandy oasis in the gulf of Thailand. After 2 years in Bangkok, I moved to the island, spending the next five years there. I spent my first two years living between India and Thailand, dedicated to my healing and studies of classical tantra, yoga & sacred sexuality. I began sitting in ceremony with plant teachers of the Amazon and spending extended periods in silent meditation retreat. I had changed my entire life around.

Remembering who I am & why I'm here

During one month-long retreat, I had a profound experience. I entered a state of total oneness and with it came a deep remembering of why I'm here on earth at this time. I spent several months in a blissful non-dual state and then slowly began to integrate my experience back into a grounded way of life. I was asked to begin teaching yoga and meditation at Orion Healing Centre, Koh Phangan. I spent two years as resident teacher at Orion, running the yoga and healing programmes with my then partner. After seven years in Thailand I decided to return to Europe, feeling the call of my ancestors. After two years in Zurich leading retreats and women's work  I'm now based in the wilds of Portugal. Over the last 8 years I've worked with hundreds of women and it is my greatest pleasure and privilege to share my unique body of work in service to the Feminine. I know in my bones that supporting women to connect with their sexuality and cyclical power is one bridge back to restoring the feminine on earth at this moment in time when she is most needed.

In profound gratitude...

I do this work in service to a power greater than me, with profound respect and gratitude to all my teachers along the way; to the elders of the Huni Kuin and Yawanawá tribes for their teachings; to my ancestors for their love and support, to the wisdom of the Kashmiri Shaivism tradition and the Taoist elders.

May I serve from a place of reverence for this life generously gifted to me. May I continue through this walk of life with integrity and respect for all begins. May I serve from a place of reverence for this life generously gifted to me. May I continue to learn, practise and teach in integrity. Always. May it be so. 

client love

Miriam’s Jade Root course was a profound experience for me. It allowed me to heal generational trauma in a safe and nurturing environment and create a deeper connection to my womb. What I love about the Jade Root Course is that you can take it to the depth that you want and need. I also love the practices that she incorporates: self-massage, energy practices and knowledge of the pelvic bowl. The Jade Egg is a powerful practice to unlock the wisdom within the womb. 

- Michaela Diamanti-diaz, mystic

client love

The Jade Root Online Course has allowed me to finally establish my own jade egg practice. I owned a jade egg for many years but lacked clear and simple instructions on how to use it. I love the way Miriam approaches the topic and shares so many useful practices with so much embodied knowledge, wisdom, love and care. It's amazing that I will have this material available for the rest of my life so I can go back to the videos over and over again, which really makes it so much easier to keep using the jade egg on a regular basis and build a deeper connection to my self, my yoni and my pleasure potential. Thank you Miriam!

- vanessa, massage therapist

client love

I joined the Moon Code by Miriam because I felt the need to connect to my femininity through my cycle. I had the urge to understand my cycle from a more spiritual side.And it was spot on! Ever since then I hardly ever struggle with PMS anymore. Thank you so much Miriam for sharing your wisdom and bringing lost knowledge back to us women!

- sanda, yoga teacher & PT

client love

I joined a women’s circle with Miriam in Thailand. I was so touched by her energy and how she created a beautiful space for women to be vulnerable and share their stories. Miriam showed us how to tune into our cycles and celebrate the feminine archetypes that we are cycling through during our lives. She inspired me to reclaim the divine feminine within myself.

- Deria, cycles coach

client love

Miriam is totally living and breathing her teachings. There is such a strong sense of intelligence and educated experience in every topic she explores in her classes. I LOVED going to her classes and workshops! 

- Joss, founder of WildWomb

client love

Miriam is an earth angel amongst us! I was so privileged to receive two sessions from her and both brought me to a point where I felt safe to release old tension and stress. She is an integrated healer and can hold space like a solid professional. I wish I had more time to do another session with her because she really knows her stuff. You'll be so lucky to cross paths with this one, she's really special. 

- morgana, magicwithmorgana.com

client love

After the Nourished Feminine online course, I feel very happy and safe. So many deep feelings and thoughts came up. The exercises are great and I will do them often.

- jeniffer, physical therapist


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