The Cosmic Feminine

Guest Teacher: Alexis Sabatino

Through 15 years of working with women in countless ways and spaces, she gave birth to The Sister Shadow with the help of many seen and unseen forces that inspired her to become a fierce guardian & curator of Brave Women’s Space, where all parts of woman are welcome to be seen & expressed. After attending many “superficial” women’s spaces and witnessing these shadows play out again and again, she was called to name and honor the underbelly of sisterhood that is calling us into a greater embodiment of integrity and truth. She holds the intention to re-wild WomanKind and re-weave the authentic Culture of Woman.

The Sister Shadow

About Alexis

Alexis Sabatino is the Founder of the global women’s movement, She Heals Collective. She is a Modern Medicine Woman, Mystic Teacher, Storyteller, Poet, Intuitive Psychic, Holistic Health Coach, Rebirth Midwife, and Rite of Passage Facilitator. She initiates and guides women through sacred rites of passage and soul embodiment. Her passion is in resurrecting the “wild landscapes” within by returning women to their ancient roots, original language, womb wisdom, alchemical bodies, and authentic soul essence.

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