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Imagine your womb as high priestess

Your menstrual cycle and sexuality are sources of profound wisdom and power... yet many women experience difficult periods, are unaware of their cyclical energy and feel disconnected from their pleasure. My work is based on the principle that our sexuality and cycles are sacred shamanic gateways into deeper self-knowledge and spiritual growth. By healing menstrual challenges, attuning to our cycles and unearthing our unique sexual blueprint, we meet ourselves beyond our conditioning. Through reconnecting with these vital sources of power we are able to show up in our fullness, bringing our unique medicine to our communities and the world.

This is the essence of my work

my mission

I feel that women have been deliberately diverted from the source of their power (the womb, cycles + embodied spiritual wisdom) and I'm here to change that. My work offers many threads of reconnection to woman's inner-sanctum as a foundation for reclaiming our power and bringing through the medicine that is each wombkeeper's gift. 

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NECTAR is a training in a retreat setting. It's a distillation of all I share through Moon Body + a potent transmission of ancient feminine wisdom for the modern woman. Join the waiting list now. 

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Dark Feminine Medicine
7-Week Underworld Journey

for wild, wise women

meeting the dark femme

This winter join Miriam on a 7-week underworld journey through the terrain of dark feminine consciousness as you're guided by 7 dark goddesses through 7 sacred feminine initiations. Our journey begins with the solstice on December 21.

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Brigitte S, New York

"Working with Miriam in Rooted was one of the best decisions I've ever made. She is the divine feminine embodied. Her presence in my life in just a short time has changed me on the deepest of levels."

Julie P, Paris

I was struggling. I had lost every joy. I was destroying myself. With Miriam, I reconnected with my feminine, learned to listen to my body, and nourished myself. Finally, I feel like I came back the real me.  

Laurene, Paris

Authentic, true, gentle, knowledgeable, humble, deeply and beautifully feminine, I really appreciate Miriam, her teaching, her being. 


It is difficult to put into words the feeling of peace, gratitude and love felt after just an hour in Miriam’s presence... it has to be experienced! 

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