September 18 - December 18

The Cosmic Feminine®

Facilitator Training

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One where women live cyclically, express sensually, are connected to earth and moon, rested and resourced.

Dream a new world with me...

This is the reality you are creating as a feminine wisdom guide.

The Cosmic Feminine is one-of-a-kind

For women of soul and service...

A training for women dedicated to the path
of feminine spirituality

The Cosmic Feminine® is the result of my ten year journey unearthing an earth and body-based feminine spiritual path. It's an offering of love: love for women, love for the land and love for the goddess. Woven into this training are my heartfelt prayers that living in reverence of the feminine will bring us back to wholeness. By equipping women with tangible wisdom and practices to support them into right relationship with the land and their bodies we come closer to co-creating a world with more embodied humans at home in the divine order. Everything taught in this training has been lived and breathed by my guest teachers and I. We've found that living in this way keeps us healthy, vibrant and in the rhythm of sanity. And what's more it keeps us close to the earthy kind of love we need the most at this time on our beautiful planet. The Cosmic Feminine is part training, part prayer!

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The world needs more women placing pleasure, magick and the body back on the altar and revealing the sacred woven within everything.

Earth & body are our best teachers

At its heart The Cosmic Feminine® is a prayer to the land and the body as our wisest teachers. When we stay close to both, our aim is true. Whilst there is a lot of information in this training – and there needs to be in order to provide students with everything they need and more – it's also based on a rather simple idea: the feminine spiritual path is intimately tied to the real world of blood, earth and bone and we humans have strayed too far from it. For sane, deeply-well lives, it's time for us to come home.

Life has shown me that..

You'll learn how to guide women back to the earth and their bodies with power rituals, earth-based wisdom & history.

You'll become equipped with practices, teachings and knowledge to facilitate profound shifts and deep healing.

You'll be a guide sharing knowledge which the world is hungry for, creating life-changing shifts & positive impact.

Herbs for Women

Some of my favourite subjects covered in The Cosmic Feminine include:

This 3-month training is packed full of original teachings, practices & wild woman wisdom.

Psychedelics & Women

The Witch Wound 

Sacred Self Care

Feminine Bio-hacking

Breast, Womb, Body Massage

Female Nervous System

Cyclical Movement

Infradian Rhythm

Womb Steaming 

Sacred Sexuality 

Yoga Nidra 

At the Earth level of the training, you are learning how to become an earth guide. Our female physiology gives us a special connection to the earth and since the beginning of time women have occupied a sacred role as earth's stewards. Learn how to bring your women into deeper relationship with the earth through ritual, herbal lore, working with plant kin and learn how to co-regulate with the earth body. 

Weeks 1-3

At the Soma level of the training, you are learning how to support women into a deep and loving relationship with their body. In a world which monetises women's disembodiment, this is needed and radical healing work. You'll learn how to guide women into a devoted relationship with their body, how to regulate their nervous system, how to create a ritual self-care practice and so much more

Weeks 4-6

At the Womb level of the training, you are learning how to support women in re-orienting to their sacred centre: the womb. You'll be taught ways to support women into optimal womb health, easeful cycles and balanced hormones. You'll learn how to share sacred sexuality practices for women at all stages of their journey. You'll become proficient in guiding women to access their truest erotic expression. 

Weeks 7-9


At the Cosmos level of the training, you are learning how to guide women along an earth and body-based spiritual path. You'll learn about the Goddess tradition which once was the default spiritual path in all corners of the earth and how we can revive it for the modern woman. Understand the role of the moon in the goddess tradition and the ways in which we can live in greater alignment with the planets. 

Weeks 10-12


Herbal Allies for Women
Female Shamanism: A History
Women & Psychedelics
Queen Anne's Lace: Herbal Plan B
Qigong for the Earth Element
Leading Earth-based Ritual
Co-regulating with the Earth

Earth Module

Guest Training



Sacred Self Care Practices
The Feminine Energy Matrix
Breast, Womb & Body Massage
The Infradian Rhythm
The Female Nervous System
Cyclical Nourishment
Cyclical Movement

Soma Module

The Blood Mysteries
Cyclical Attunement
Menstrual Renewal: The Moon Lodge
Womb Steaming: Foundations
Healing menstrual challenges: PCOS, Pain & PMS
Sacred Sexuality
Guiding Internal Pelvic Work

Womb Module

Business Workshop

Waking the Cervix
The Cosmic Feminine
The Lunar phases
Moon as Goddess
Facilitating Yoga Nidra

Cosmos Module

Business workshop

Key Topics

Business Workshop

Foundations of Soul-led Business

Rose Medicine with Cathy Coyle

Key Topics

Business Workshop

Feminine Leadership

Guest Training

Wild Body with Fiona McCoss

The Erotic Channel

Guest Training

Womb Guardianship with Jasmine Rose

Key Topics

Key Topics

Insta Oracle

Guest Training

The Sister Shadow with Alexis Sabatino



One of the causes of human dis-ease is our severing from the Earth. The Earth is our mother. The Earth element lives in our body at our root as the seat of intuition, sexuality and the home of our ancestors. When women are disconnected from the earth, they become disconnected from the mysterious and unconscious power of the root. At the Earth level of the training you learn how to support women to repair their connection to the earth. The effects of this are profoundly beneficial for all levels of our being and for the earth herself. The process of deliberate severing from the earth has much to do with the inherited trauma of disembodiment and the persecution of the wise women known as witches. The wisdom you learn at the Earth level will allow you to guide women into relationship with herbs, poisonous plants, psychedelics and to create earth-based ritual in your offerings. These teachings enact deep healing for the women who receive them.




Feminine Spirituality is concerned with the realm of the body. Unlike the stricter, ascetic body-denying ways of transcendent spirituality, here we receive the body as an expression of the goddess. There have been centuries-long attempts to divorce women from fully-inhabiting and loving their bodies. At the Soma level of the training you learn how to guide women into a loving, reverent, relationship with their body, specifically the Feminine Energy Matrix (the heart-womb continuum), the nervous system and the hormonal system. Women's spiritual practice occurs through the body as the home of the goddess. You'll learn how to guide women into eating for metabolic and hormonal health. You'll be able to design movement sequences adapted to the different needs of women throughout their menstrual cycle. You'll learn tools to support women into regulating their nervous system. Becoming a way-shower for women to reclaim the power and magick of the body is a healing gift to the world.




Part of the process of our disembodiment has been to tell women that they are small men with wombs. Having a womb means a woman's body exists on the Infradian Rhythm _ the body's second clock, which affects six key systems: the microbiome, metabolism, brain function, immune system, reproduction and the stress-response system. Your womb is the centre of your being as a woman. At the womb level you will learn how to guide women to reorient to their womb, becoming womb-led. You'll become a cyclical wisdom guide, showing women how to practise menstrual renewal. You'll learn ways to support women with menstrual challenges into easeful, PMS-free cycles. You'll learn how to guide women to steam their womb; performing blood diagnosis and creating powerful herbal blends. You'll guide women to create a deep relationship to their sexuality through internal pussy and pleasure work, understanding how internal orgasm brings profound healing. 




The Feminine is a primordial field of cosmic wisdom. At the Cosmos level of the training you learn how to guide women into relationship with the unseen and subtle realms. Women have a special relationship with the mystery and magick of the void space. Another way we can understand the void is as the Dark Goddess. Although the Dark Goddess has been demonised as evil since the onset of patriarchy, on the contrary, she is the infinite black of the cosmos; the one who gives birth to all things. One of the ways you'll learn to support women into relationship with the Cosmic Feminine is through Yoga Nidra or conscious sleep. You'll be guided through histories of the dark goddess/dark feminine and goddess spirituality so that your offerings have a foundation of ancient wisdom beneath them. You'll learn how to work with the planets, the lunar phases and the power of the moon. Patriarchal monotheistic religion has spread through the world like a virus denigrating the spiritual gifts of woman. Restoring the Cosmic Feminine to her rightful place is an act of rebellion and reclamation. 


Cathy Coyle

Cathy teaches a beautiful 3-hour session that will open the gateway into a 21-day self-led journey with the medicine of rose.

The Guest Teachers

Fiona will be offering you a training on how to support women to access and embody their authentic wild expression for self-empowerment and self-connection.

Fiona McCoss

Rose medicine

Wild Body

Jasmine Rose

Join Jasmine Rose on a journey into claiming the true guardianship of your Pussy & Womb temple in this 3-hour training.

Sit with Alexis to honour the underbelly of sisterhood as she calls you into a greater embodiment of integrity and truth.

Alex Sabatino

womb guardianship

the sister shadow





Become a woman unearthing the goddess for others

When the goddess was uprooted from body, blood and dirt and fixed in the sky as a vengeful father god, women were left with a groundless spirituality. This groundless, convoluted, solar-fixated spirituality went against the instinctual and embodied spiritual instincts of woman.

Ask women who’ve birthed on their own terms: they’ve tasted the biological-spiritual reality of existence. The way that the goddess is in-dwelling and body-based. Every month women die and are reborn through our menstrual cycles. Our spirituality is already intact: earth-based, simple, feral.

Women are the wisdom keepers of a spiritual practice requiring no guru, no disavowal of the earth’s potency or rejection of our body’s capacity for cosmic-level pleasure. Patriarchal religions told women they were impure, sinful and corrupting. The meeker the woman the more virtuous, they said. Cover the body. Shave your hair. Hide your sinful flesh. When, all along, we had the wisdom here and now, beating in our hearts, dripping from our breasts, pulsating deep in our wombs.

Our spiritual practice is innate. Our way-back ancestors worshipped a primary feminine deity. Restoring the goddess in our spiritual practice is as organic as observing the moon’s pull on the womb. The Cosmic Feminine® is not about bringing in more ideas, we’re unearthing what we already know. Yes, this wisdom has been buried and obfuscated with layer-upon-layer of conditioning and patriarchal-religious shaming, but it’s there. If you want to remember, join us! Put your fingers inside yourself and worship the great, dark, deep and ancient She.


How does The Cosmic Feminine actually work?

A combination of powerful live calls, group sharing space and pre-recorded lessons to which you get LIFETIME access. 

Glad you asked. Here is what you get.

The Training

Everything goes into the Cosmic Feminine online portal

A blend of inspiring and informative calls on the week's subject, plus pre-recorded lessons and mini-trainings with a dedicated online sharing space to ask questions, share insights and be connected with the other women. 






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Your Lead teacher for TCF

I'm Miriam Ropschitz

The Cosmic Feminine® Facilitator Training is the distillation of a decade of study, practice & teaching.

At the heart of  TCF is my knowing that the practices and wisdom we're sharing will enact profound changes in the lives of those who encounter them.

I feel a sense of peace in my heart that the training is of high value, deep, grounded and full of integrity.

Being supported in the vision by my guest teachers and fellow sisters on the feminine spiritual path is an honour. I know that each and every one of us is aligned in our values.

My intention is to support a new paradigm of womanhood which is abundant, rooted & vital. I am inviting students of this training to enter a relationship with me based on mutual respect and a love for the sacred in the hope it will stretch way beyond the 3 months of this course and way out into the future.

Women, welcome warmly to The Cosmic Feminine®, it's an honour to offer this work to you. Thank you for your trust and dedication. 




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The Cosmic Feminine

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