7 Week Underworld Journey for Women

They taught you to be afraid of the dark.

It's time to remember her medicine.

 Join Miriam on a 7-week underworld journey passing through 7 initiations, guided by 7 dark goddesses.

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The Feminine is dark

The Feminine has always had a special relationship with the dark: the dark of the moon; the dark of the womb, the life-giving, generative powers of the fertile soil. The dark is powerful. It's where we came from and where we will, eventually, return. Our ancestors worshipped a primary dark feminine deity. The Dark Goddess has many names across many cultures. She was called Inanna in Sumeria, Sekhmet in Egypt, Cerridwen in the UK, Lilith in Babylonia, the Black Madonna in the Middle East and Kali in India. You were taught to fear the dark feminine because it keeps you separate from your power. We can trace this to a moment in history.

The Inversion

"Between 4000 and 2500 BCE waves of proto-Indo-European tribes from northern Europe and central Asia descended into western Europe, the Near East, and India.
These nomadic, warlike peoples rode horses and fought with bronze weapons. They worshipped a Father God who came from the sky. The primary enemies of this God were the peoples of the Mother Goddess, and his followers invaded, conquered, and destroyed the indigenous Goddess cultures. They were raped and slaughtered, their homes and communities pillaged and burned, their values and beliefs suppressed. They were enslaved, exploited, and exiled." From: 'Mysteries of the Dark Moon: Healing Powers of the Dark Goddess', Demetra George.

By teaching you the dark feminine was evil, sinful and bad, she was pushed into shadow. Bringing her back into wholeness is how you start to live from the fullness of your power. It is time.

With the Winter Solstice on December 21st, we descend on a 7-week underworld journey through the chthonic lands of the dark feminine, moving through 7 initiations guided by 7 dark goddesses. We descend to reclaim what was lost, passing through gates of initiation in the form of wisdom codes, embodiment practices and rituals.

the course

Dark Feminine Medicine is an invitation to own all that you are...

To embrace the raw power of your sexuality and menstrual cycle. To compost limiting beliefs that have kept you holding back your magick from the world. 

While the world around us drops into winter, we'll descend to the underworld to find the treasures that only the Dark Feminine knows. 

We were sold a lie... They told us: Sex is sinful. Our blood is shameful. Rest is lazy. Your feelings are too much.

The Dark Feminine teaches us: Sex is sacred. Your blood is powerful. Rest brings rebirth. Your feelings are messengers.Her wisdom leads us back to the women we were born to be... sacred, sexual, wild and free.

"From the Great Above, she opened her ear to the Great Below."

the descent

underworld calling

This line is from the 5000-year-old poem 'The Descent of Inanna', detailing the goddess's journey to the underworld. On her visit to the underworld, Goddess Inanna passed through seven gates.

At each gate, she was asked to shed a piece of clothing.

This course will ask you to shed things too...

... it will ask you to shed everything that isn't you.

7 Weeks
7 Dark Goddesses
7 Initiations

Weekly Goddess Ceremony

A 60-minute live ceremony dedicated to the week's goddess. Learn about the goddess and her initiation. Tuesdays at 7pm (UK time).All sessions are recorded.

embodiment practices

Each week has a pre-recorded practice so that the initiation is moved through somatically.

sharing space

Hearing other women's experiences is key to the power of DFM. You'll join an online group designed for sharing and connection. 

homework + course materials

Some weeks there are ritual practices to commit to as homework. Every week you'll be provided with books and PDFs to read in advance of the ceremony. 

We work with Sumerian Goddess Inanna, learning how her heroine's journey of descent into the underworld can teach us to descend willingly into our own darkness to gather the treasures only the brave can receive. What triggers you? What parts of yourself do you find hard to face? How can we bring our disowned – or shadow – parts back up to the world of the living? 

Our embodiment practice combines breath, sound and movement to bring us into healthy relationship with the lower body, creating a foundation of grounding, self-holding and deep nourishment for the weeks ahead.

Week One

Goddess Inanna

Initiation: The Descent

Lion-headed Warrior Goddess Sekhmet guides us through the initiation of our deepest feelings. We learn how the emotions we've been culturally conditioned to repress – rage, grief and fear – are wells of Shatki, which hold immense erotic power when directed consciously.

Week Two's practice teaches us how embodiment techniques can be applied during moments of challenge to move what we're feeling through our bodies with sound, breath and movement.

Week TWO

Goddess Sekhmet

Initiation: Emotional Alchemy

Cerridwen is the Welsh goddess of sorcery and witchcraft. We call on her to support us in uncovering our inner Witch – the one whose magick and mystical gifts we were taught to hide, but no longer can. Her power supports us to come out of the mystical closet and own our magick.

Embodiment Practice: Earth Wisdom. This practice is an opportunity to bring nature into our bodies with a beautiful sequence of earth and element veneration. Learn how to call on and make offerings to the elements through your practice.

Week three

Goddess Cerridwen

Initiation: Own Your Magick

Cast out of Eden for refusing sexual submission, Lillith is the embodiment of unadulterated wild sexual energy. Here we examine our own relationship to our sexuality and ask how Lillith can illuminate repression and free us from shame we've inherited from cultural conditioning. Learn to reclaim your sacred sexuality by developing your own self-pleasure practice through sensual rituals.

Embodiment Practice: Sacred Breast Massage & Pleasure Ritual. We indulge our senses with a luxurious pleasure ritual including breast massage, sensual breathwork and gentle movement.

Week four

Goddess Lillith

Initiation: Sacred Sexuality

Goddess Hekate supports creativity. This week we look at creative expression. The feminine gift of transmuting energy into matter comes deep from within the womb portal. Our creativity and its expression is directly linked to our life force and ability to co-create with life itself.

Embodiment Practice: The Sacred Gates. This week we explore how creativity is embodied. We work with the sacred gates of the cervix, womb and throat finding ways to clear the channel that allows the muse to flow through us. 

Week five

Goddess Hekate

Initiation: The Creatrix

In Week Six, the Black Madonna guides us to examine our relationships with our first mother, mother earth. We'll look at the ways our ancestors worked with her for healing, magick and community health and find our own ways to honour her through ritual.

Embodiment Practice: Goddess Dance. This grounding dance practice brings us close to the pulsation of the earth.

Week six

The Black Madonna

Initiation: Earth Protectress

In Week Seven, Divine Mother Kali leads us with her sword of truth through a journey into the void. We learn about menstruation as a time of receiving visions and falling into the spaciousness of symbolic death. Learn how menstruation becomes a shamanic portal to deepen our spiritual gifts and receive practices and techniques to prepare for your bleeding time and attune with the menstrual energies of the month.

Embodiment Practice: Yoga for Menstruation + Yoga Nidra

Week seven

Goddess Kali

Initiation: Death, Menstruation & the Void


Guest Priestesses

Rhythmic Mystic + Flow Muse

Malika is a creative consultant muse, documentary film maker and internationally recognised facilitator of soul songs alchemy and founder of 'The Healing Drum'. She is a devoted weaver of communities through drum and song circles, sharing living practices that keep the inner waters of creativity and sensuality flowing. Malika leads the women of DFM through a workshop activating the voice of their womb with the drum. Learn how to access the channel of sound that is your womb power embodied in sonic frequency as a way of expressing the depths of your being, bringing healing to your body & giving voice to the ancestral sounds within. This is a space where you are invited to discover your soul voice and to sing it out into the world. 

Malika's IG

Ayesha Durrani is an astrologer and business oracle, serving New Earth leaders to create overflowing prosperity with their soul gifts. The premise of her work is that our birth chart is the instructional manual for creating our Heaven on Earth. Our Lilith placements in astrology give us priceless insight on the dark feminine codes of our astrological blueprint. These indicate where we may be participating in self repression & disowning ourselves. When we call these parts of ourselves Home, we discover new Wholeness. This empowers all areas of life & business. This is a wild power that ignites us on every level. This is fuel for new creation. This is the potent regenerative darkness we have available to us at all times. In this 90 min masterclass Ayesha will tell you exactly how to work with your unique Lilith placements.



Visionary Astrologer + Business Oracle


Writer + Storyteller

Sophie Strand is a writer based in the Hudson Valley who focuses on the intersection of spirituality, storytelling and ecology. But it would probably be more authentic to call her a neo-troubadour animist with a propensity to spin yarns that inevitably turn into love stories. A word witch and gifted spinner of yarns, she is the author of an eco-feminist historical fiction reimagining of the gospels called 'The Madonna Secret'. Joining us in week six of Dark Feminine Medicine, Sophie's offering will slip you loose of your skin silhouette and take you on a rhizomatic journey into the underground world of the more-than-human dark feminine divine.

sophie's IG


Signs Dark Feminine Medicine is for you

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You feel a calling to the archetypes of the witch, the priestess and the dark goddess.

You are interested in shadow work, sacred sexuality, magick and embodiment.

You are hungry for more goddess wisdom in your life.

You are at a cross roads in your life or undergoing a transformation. 

You are curious about mythology, ancient lore and feminine wisdom.

You are ready to release the Good Girl archetype.

You are interested in reclaiming your power.

You have an affinity with the dark.

jen whaley,
jen whaley wellness

Sometimes in our lives, the shadows sneak up on us. They blindside us and demand our attention. They break us down against our will as we fight and struggle against them. But Dark Feminine Medicine asks: Is there another way? Can we, like the goddess Innana, choose to go in? Into the depths, into the darkness, into the sacred Underworld. Into that place where we face our fears, where we challenge our limiting beliefs, where we hold our own (and each other's) guilt, shame, and rage without looking away? From day one, Miriam (with the help of her seven powerful goddess companions, of course) guided us safely through this endeavor. She created and held a space within which we were invited to go as deep as we were willing. She held it in safety, in privacy, and without judgement. She led us through resistance, anger, the perversion of our female sexuality, our witch wounds. She led us through alchemical transitions, as we let our old stories burn to ashes and Kali danced alongside the flames. She did this all with both seriousness and lightness. If you’re standing on the threshold of this work, I encourage you - step forward. Step in. The way out is through, and you won’t find a better roster of companions along this challenging and rewarding journey.

Dark Feminine Medicine 2020, Testimonials

christine hartung,
yoga teacher

Ancient wisdom and knowledge explained with the help of female deities. My hidden dark feminine energy cracked open.
Miriam lets you rediscover and cultivate suppressed and buried feminine issues like sisterhood, witch wound, sacred sexuality and your magical gifts. Essential topics that affect every woman are explained in a sensitive and open manner and worked out with clever guidance. The course is enriched by rituals, meditation and yoga. Seasoned with performances by exceptional guest teachers and references to further literature and video clips. An incredible transforming, intoxicating, nourishing, fulfilling and at the same time opening experience. I can warmly recommend DFM to every woman and I look forward to the second part.

rachel galbiati,
wild feminine artist

Ever since I’ve met Miriam, I deeply loved her work, her energy, her magick, and every course I’ve joined. Dark Feminine Medicine is no exception! This beautiful 7-week course let me dive into 7 powerful dark goddesses and their healing, inspiring, and life-altering energies. Miriam held a beautiful 90 minutes live session every week, sharing the beautiful legends, symbolism, and wisdom of each goddess, providing an embodiment class and assignments, and sharing valuable resources to go even deeper. It was a very rich and powerful experience and thanks to the lifetime access, I can go and visit each of the goddesses and her wisdom whenever I need some dark feminine medicine.

Your Underworld Guide

Miriam Ropschitz is the woman behind Moon Body and she will be teaching the main course content of Dark Feminine Medicine. For the last 7 years she's been guiding women through initiations into their sexual and menstrual empowerment. She is no stranger to the Dark Feminine and is passionate about sharing this potent wisdom with as many women as she can. Through her own dances with the darkness, she knows that integrating the wisdom of the Dark Feminine into our lives holds a key to our healing and wholeness. There is a reason we were told this wisdom is profane. And now that there is nobody to stand in our way, let's drink it all in, together. 

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