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Copyright Policy

This Copyright Policy encompasses all forms of training materials developed, provided, or used by Moon Body Ltd. in relation to "The Cosmic Feminine® Facilitator Training". This includes, but is not limited to, written documents, instructional videos, audio recordings, presentations, diagrams, methodologies, educational techniques, and digital content. It also covers any supplementary materials that may be provided for enhancing the training experience, such as interactive online resources, downloadable PDFs, quizzes, and exercises. Furthermore, this policy extends to any updates, modifications, or additional content created or acquired by Moon Body Ltd. for the purpose of the training programme. The intention is to protect the intellectual property and creative efforts invested in these diverse and comprehensive training materials, ensuring they are utilised in a manner that respects the legal rights of the company.

All training materials produced and disseminated by Moon Body Ltd. for "The Cosmic Feminine® Facilitator Training" are unequivocally the exclusive property of Moon Body Ltd. These materials are safeguarded under the provisions of UK Copyright Law, which confers exclusive rights including reproduction, distribution, and adaptation solely to Moon Body Ltd. This ownership pertains to a diverse range of materials including but not limited to written documents, video recordings, audio content, graphical representations, methodologies, and any digital materials. Moon Body Ltd. maintains full legal title and interest in these materials, regardless of the form or media in which they are expressed or stored. This encompasses both current materials and any future modifications or expansions, ensuring Moon Body Ltd.’s continuous and unchallenged ownership and control over its intellectual property.

Usage Restrictions 
The training materials provided by Moon Body Ltd. for "The Cosmic Feminine® Facilitator Training" are intended strictly for personal and educational use by the enrolled participants. These materials are not to be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, modified, or otherwise utilised for any commercial or public purposes. Such activities are expressly prohibited without obtaining prior written consent from Moon Body Ltd. This restriction is in place to safeguard the proprietary content and intellectual property contained within the training materials, ensuring they are used in a manner consistent with the educational objectives of the programme and respecting the legal rights of Moon Body Ltd.

Intellectual Property Rights 
All intellectual property rights in the training materials, including content and methodologies, are retained by Moon Body Ltd. This includes rights in the trademark "The Cosmic Feminine®" and any other trademarks related to the training materials. Unauthorised use of these trademarks, or any other intellectual property of Moon Body Ltd., is strictly prohibited unless prior written permission is obtained from the company. This clause serves to protect the company's legal rights and brand identity, ensuring the integrity and exclusive use of its intellectual property.

Consent for Use 
Participants interested in utilising specific materials from the training programme for purposes beyond personal study may submit a formal written request to Moon Body Ltd. Each request will be evaluated individually, taking into consideration the intended use and potential impact on Moon Body Ltd.'s intellectual property rights. Approval for such use is not guaranteed and, if granted, will be explicitly stated in a written response from Moon Body Ltd. This process ensures a controlled and legally compliant use of the training materials, aligning with Moon Body Ltd.’s policies and preserving the integrity of the intellectual property.

Breach of Policy 
Any infringement of this policy may lead to legal consequences for the offending party, which can include legal action such as claims for damages and injunctive relief to prevent further breaches. Additionally, participants found in breach of this policy may face immediate termination from the training programme. This clause underscores the seriousness with which Moon Body Ltd. views the protection of its intellectual property and its commitment to enforce these rights to the fullest extent of the law.

Moon Body Ltd. retains the authority to modify this Copyright Policy at any point. Should any changes occur, they will be promptly communicated to all participants in "The Cosmic Feminine® Facilitator Training". This ensures that participants are always informed of the most current terms and conditions regarding the use of training materials and related intellectual property.

Governing Law 
This policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

This Copyright Policy forms an integral part of the Terms of Service for "The Cosmic Feminine® Facilitator Training" provided by Moon Body Ltd. By participating in this training programme, participants agree to be bound by the stipulations of this policy, acknowledging its significance and enforceability as an essential component of the terms governing their involvement in the programme. This clause establishes the inseparability of this policy from the overall terms and conditions agreed upon by participants at the time of enrolment.

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