December 21st, 2022 - February 1st, 2023


7-Week Underworld Journey for Women

DECEMBER 21, 2022 - FEBRUARY 2, 2023


 Join Miriam Ropschitz on a 7-week journey through the fertile darkness of the underworld, passing through 7 gates of initiation, guided by 7 dark goddesses.


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Taught to fear the healing power of the sacred dark, we've overlooked the chthonic honey of the underworld & the core role of darkness in feminine wisdom. The dark feminine is making herself known at this time on earth. Are you ready to listen? 

With the Winter Solstice on December 21st, we descend on a 7-week underworld voyage through the deep waters of the dark feminine, moving through 7 initiations guided by 7 dark goddesses. We descend to reclaim what has been lost, hidden and forgotten, passing through gates of initiation in the form of dark goddess wisdom, embodiment practices and ritual. 

the course


dark feminine medicine is a journey of reclaiming the wild, raw parts of your womanhood you were told to exile in order to belong.

The Feminine has a special relationship with darkness: the dark of the moon; the dark of the womb, the life-giving, generative powers of the fertile soil. 

Our ancestors worshipped a primary dark feminine deity. And yet we have been entrained to disconnect from our own darkness at great cost to our wellbeing, our eros & our creative lives.

Our culture is yang-dominant & solar-oriented. We are a people afraid of the dark. Encouraged to shy away from all which dwells in the shadows.

Why? Because the dark feminine is where we women find a power & wisdom so profound, it threatens the fabric of the modern world. 

THIS is an invitation to own all that you are...

To embrace the raw power of your sexuality and menstrual cycle. To compost limiting beliefs that have kept you holding back your magick from the world. 

While the world around us drops into winter, we'll descend to the underworld to find the treasures that only the Dark Feminine knows. 

We were sold a lie... They told us: Sex is sinful. Our blood is shameful. Rest is lazy. Your feelings are too much.

The Dark Feminine teaches us: Sex is sacred. Your blood is powerful. Rest brings rebirth. Your feelings are messengers. Her wisdom leads us back to the women we were born to be... sacred, sexual, wild and free.

7 Weeks
7 Dark Goddesses
7 Initiations

Weekly Goddess Ceremony

A 60-minute live ceremony dedicated to the week's goddess. Learn about the goddess and her initiation. Wednesdays at 7pm (UK time). All sessions are recorded.


Each week has a pre-recorded practice so that the initiation is moved through somatically. 3 guest expert teachers offers workshops throughout DFM.

sharing space

Hearing other women's experiences is key to the power of DFM. You'll join an online group designed for sharing and connection. 

homework + course materials

Some weeks there are ritual practices to commit to as homework. Every week you'll be provided with books and PDFs to read in advance of the live call.

"From the Great Above, she opened her ear to the Great Below."

This line is from the 5000-year-old poem 'The Descent of Inanna',
detailing the goddess's journey through the underworld.

On her visit to the underworld, Goddess Inanna passed through seven gates.

At each gate, she was asked to shed a piece of clothing.

This WOrk will ask you to shed things, too...

it will ask you to
shed what isn't you.

At Gate One, we work with Sumerian Goddess Inanna, learning how her heroine's journey of descent into the underworld can teach us to descend willingly into our own darkness to gather the treasures of the great below. What triggers you? Which parts of yourself do you find hard to face? How can we bring our disowned – or shadow – parts back up to the world of the living?

Our embodiment practice explores descent by descending to our own bodily underworld – the land of the lower body: the guts, the anus, the womb, the pussy – through breath, sound and movement, to bring us into healthy relationship with the lower body, creating a foundation of grounding, self-holding and nourishment for the weeks ahead.

Gate One


Initiation: The Descent

Cast out of Eden for refusing sexual submission, Lillith is the embodiment of unadulterated wild sexual energy. Here we examine our own relationship to our sexuality and ask how Lillith can illuminate repression and free us from shame we've inherited from cultural conditioning. Learn to reclaim your sacred sexuality by developing your own self-pleasure practice through sensual ritual.

Embodiment Practice: Sacred Breast Massage & Pleasure Ritual. We indulge our senses with a luxurious pleasure ritual including breast massage, sensual breathwork and gentle movement.



Initiation: Wild Eros

The Scottish crone goddess of winter and weather is as old as time. She predates even the Celtic mythology she now sits at the heart of. We can translate her name as 'veiled one'. She often wears a grey cloak and carries a staff. You may find her accompanied by her wolf familiar. She is said to turn the weather and bring the winter. At Gate 3, the Cailleach reminds us of the more-than-human dark feminine, especially the chaos of wild weather patterns. We imbibe her wisdom as turn inward to tend to our own internal world during the dark season.

Embodiment Practice: Wild & Wise. This week we take our practice out into the cold and explore the world around us as the organic extension of our own bodily form.

gate three


Initiation: Own Your Magick

At Gate Four, Divine Mother Kali leads us with her sword of truth through a journey into the void. As a culture we fear the formless, infinite dark of the void. But the void has much to teach us. We learn about the menstrual phase as the manifestation of the void in a woman's life; how this is a time of falling into the spaciousness of our monthly symbolic death. Learn how menstruation can be a shamanic portal to deepen your spiritual gifts. Receive practices and techniques to prepare for your bleeding time and attune with the menstrual energies of the month.

Embodiment Practice:  Compost Yourself: a deep rest practice.

*Gate Four is a rest week where your weekly call is pre-recorded & there are no guest teachers or recommended reading to do.

gate four


Initiation: The Void

Cerridwen is the Welsh goddess of sorcery and witchcraft. At Gate Five, we call on her to support us in uncovering our inner Witch – the one whose magick and mystical gifts we were taught to hide, but no longer can. Her power supports us to come out of the mystical closet and own our feminine magick. This week we'll be exploring the ways in which the Witch Wounds may be showing up in our lives and preventing us from living fully and sharing our creative and healing powers with the world. 

Embodiment Practice: Nighttime Potion Ritual. This week you'll be working with a special herb or plant with non-stimulating and dream-enhancing properties. You'll be co-creating a sleep potion with your plant ally to drink and add to a bath or footbath before bedtime. 

GATE five


Initiation: Feminine Magick

Hekate is an ancient goddess, predating the Greek Olympian pantheon. Known as goddess of the crossroads, protector of birth and mothers and guardian of dogs and wolves, she is a witchcraft goddess loved around the world. She is a triple goddess. Each aspect representing the three forms of the feminine life cycle: maiden, mother and crone. At Gate Six we look to Hekate to support us in birthing our creative gifts into the world. Women are the channel. We bring the formless into form and this extends way beyond the birthing of babies. How is your relationship to your creative channel? Hekate shows us that, in order for us to bring our magick through, we have to be in deep relationship to our bodies and the beyond.

Embodiment Practice: The Sacred Gates. An exploration of three sacred gates of womanhood: Throat (voice); Womb (cauldron); and Cervix (dark goddess).

gate six


Initiation: Creative Birthing

The Black Madonna can be found at sites all over Europe and the Middle East. There are many stories about how a Black-skinned Mother Mary came to be a European icon. In these stories we can trace the ways the Black Madonna is both the archetype of Mother Mary and the primordial ancient original mother known as Mitochondrial Eve. She leads us back to the ancient earth mother goddesses, back to our hearts. She holds the grief and loss and love of a broken world in her breast. She calls us back to our humanity & tenderises us in the crucible of her broken-heartedness. She is the patron of all who dwell at the edges. 

Embodiment Practice: Mother Mysticism. An exploration of the heart as the gateway into the mystery.

Gate seven


Initiation: Mother Wisdom


desi monique

cathy coyle

malika avani

Alchemy of Erotic Dance
– live workshop


February 2 at 7pm (UK)


December 29 at 7pm (UK)

Cerridwen's cauldron: the poison path.


Singing the dark mother

January 20 at 7pm (UK)

Signs Dark Feminine
Medicine is for you

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You feel a calling to explore the archetypes of the witch, the priestess and the dark goddess.

You are interested in shadow work, sacred sexuality, magick and embodiment.

You are hungry for more goddess wisdom in your life.

You are at a crossroads in your life or undergoing a transformation. 

You are curious about mythology, ancient lore and feminine wisdom.

You are ready to examine the ways you've absorbed cultural pressure to cultivate light feminine qualities and bypass and neglect the dark feminine.

You have an affinity with the dark, the great mystery, the unknown.

you are emotionally and mentally well and able to navigate
potentially triggering subject matters with maturity.

drinking the nectar of the sacred dark is a vital way of life for awakening women.

jen whaley, jen whaley wellness

Sometimes in our lives, the shadows sneak up on us. Dark Feminine Medicine asks: Is there another way? Can we, like the goddess Innana, choose to go in? Into that place where we face our fears, where we challenge our limiting beliefs, where we hold our own (and each other's) guilt, shame, and rage without looking away? From day one, Miriam guided us safely through this endeavor. She created and held a space within which we were invited to go as deep as we were willing. She held it in safety, in privacy, and without judgement. She led us through resistance, anger, the perversion of our female sexuality, our witch wounds. She led us through alchemical transitions, as we let our old stories burn to ashes and Kali danced alongside the flames. She did this all with both seriousness and lightness. If you’re standing on the threshold of this work, I encourage you - step forward. Step in. The way out is through, and you won’t find a better roster of companions along this challenging and rewarding journey.

Srna Djenadić. acctress, Serbia

I went to the workshop at a very specific moment in my life. My career was flourishing, but I was in a bad relationship and my libido and femininity seemed non-existent. As the weeks passed and as I went deeper and deeper into myself with Miriam and the wonderful women, I started to feel incredibly strong, aware and stable. I believed in my power and for the first time I felt the strength of women and support. Miriam instilled in me a lot of confidence that a woman can be both gentle and strong at the same time. I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to be a part of a wonderful process that really changed me.


I feel so incredibly grateful that I met Miriam. My first course with her was Dark Feminine Medicine and it was completely transformative for me. I was going through a really difficult time, and the class completely supported me through it. Miriam’s teaching on the Feminine feel nothing short of medicinal. Miriam is incredibly intelligent, sensitive and kind, and the definition of embodied wisdom. If you are feeling called to embrace work with the Feminine, the Goddess, the shadow, a new phase in your life, and all with the support of a community of incredible sisters, I cannot recommend Dark Feminine Medicine highly enough.


Ever since I’ve met Miriam, I deeply loved her work, her energy, her magick, and every course I’ve joined. Dark Feminine Medicine is no exception! This beautiful 7-week course let me dive into 7 powerful dark goddesses and their healing, inspiring, and life-altering energies. Miriam held beautiful live sessions every week, sharing the legends, symbolism, and wisdom of each goddess, providing an embodiment class and assignments, and sharing valuable resources to go even deeper. It was a rich and powerful experience and thanks to the 3-year access, I can go and visit each of the goddesses and her wisdom whenever I need some dark feminine medicine.

Ancient wisdom and knowledge explained with the help of female deities. My hidden dark feminine energy cracked open. Miriam lets you rediscover and cultivate suppressed and buried feminine issues like the sister and witch wounds, sacred sexuality and your magickal gifts. Essential topics that affect every woman are explained in a sensitive and open manner and worked out with clever guidance. The course is enriched by rituals, meditation and yoga. Seasoned with performances by exceptional guest teachers and references to further literature and video clips. An incredible transforming, intoxicating, nourishing, fulfilling and at the same time opening experience. I can warmly recommend DFM to every woman.


This is the third year of
Dark Feminine Medicine.
80+ women have passed through DFM's gates.

Here's what they're saying:


Dark Feminine Medicine

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