Cyclical Woman

30-days of menstrual wisdom 

Woman, your womb is your centre. In a world of women experiencing the dysfunction of disembodiment, Cyclical Woman is the call home in an ancient voice, inviting you to reclaim the wealth of wisdom which resides in a life lived from your womb, aligned with your cycles and the seasons of earth.

What if you had access to wisdom which showed you what to eat, how to exercise and connect spiritually for every day of your menstrual cycle?

.... with a coven on sisters on the journey with you

... and this wisdom was yours to keep & revisit any time you needed?

You asked me, so I made it for you.

Cyclical Woman.

begins September 26th

the course

As a woman, your body follows the Infradian Rhythm.

(If you haven't heard of this before, don't be surprised! Few women have.)

We're told that we're meant to be feel more or less the same every day, but the Infradian Rhythm (the scientific name for our cyclical wisdom) affects six key bodily systems: our brain, our metabolism, our microbiome, our hormones, our immune system and our stress response system.

When we learn how to align our life, our exercise, our nutrition – even our spiritual practices – with our cyclical nature, we begin to access our full power, deep well-being, creative gifts and protect our Yin as we age. 

This is what we do in Cyclical Woman.

Every day for 30 days, you'll have embodiment practices, rituals, recipes and wisdom which is designed to support you exactly where you are in your cycle.

Through this online course you'll learn how to access your cyclical wisdom and bring it into every single day of your life. And as you do so, you step into more wisdom and power than you may have ever considered having access to. 

the course

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This course is for the woman ready to answer the call of her inner earth priestess. It blends the spiritual and the tangible. It will both initiate you into the powers of your cyclicality, while supporting you to heal menstrual challenges and align your daily life with your infraidan rhythm.

Cyclical Moon
Cyclical Womb
Cyclical You

Easeful bleeds without PMS.
Bleeding time as a sacred nest of rest.
Moving through your cycle with the archetypes (maiden, mother, wild woman + crone).
Restoring menstruation to its place as the original, embodied spiritual practice.
Balanced hormones + energy levels.
Ancestral nourishment throughout the cycle.
Looking forward to your period as a time of rest + retreat.
Sustaining your Yin to support your body through menopause and ageing.

The Vision:

Many women find some success addressing their cycle purely on the physical level, but find that something is still missing...

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Cyclical Woman gives you the practical tools to address hormone imbalance, diet & movement...

But what makes it a one-of-a-kind course is that it understands your cycle beyond the physical.

It addresses the emotional, ancestral & spiritual aspects of menstruation... without this acknowledgement a vital part of the puzzle is ignored.

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Addressing just the physical aspects of your cycle will only touch a superficial level of healing.

Cyclical Woman, as well as touching on physical healing through herbs, nutrition, movement and addressing hormonal imbalance, focuses on the spiritual dimensions of menstruation along with the way our ancestral womb stories can play out through our bleeds.

The Healing Spiral

Cyclical Woman teaches you to...

Live cyclically

No more burnout or exhaustion. Learn how to live with your cyclical energy. Know when to relax and rest and when to be dynamic and outgoing.

access your womb wisdom

Your womb is the space of intuition and creation. Tap into your primal power to access the wise, wild woman within along with her spiritual gifts. 

Heal menstrual issues

Once you learn how to live with your Infradian rhythm, hormonal imbalances clear & painful, heavy periods or PMS heal, too. 

cultivate feminine energy

From this place of cycle alignment, your deep feminine flow is always available. Channel it into your work, love, life and watch it magnetise your desires. 



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Cyclical Embodiment

There are certain parts of your cycle (like Ovulation) where your physical energy is high and dynamic movement, cardio and heavy lifting all come to you with ease. Then there are the other times where your physical energy and strength is reduced (like Menstruation and the Luteal phase). These times are more suited to gentle movement and energy work. During the days when you're bleeding, your body can feel tired and heavy and these days are best spent with minimal physical activity or some very gentle Yin movement. Cyclical Woman teaches you how to build up your own movement practices aligned with your energy. 

3 x 45-minute Yoga Classes a week, including vinyasa yoga, yin and yoga nidra.

Cyclical Rituals

Rituals is how we bring our love for and remembrance of the unseen power which animates life into our daily lives. Cyclical Rituals are rituals which work with your cyclical energy. In Cyclical Woman you'll receive a new ritual each week, for each of the phases of your cycle.  Bringing cyclical rituals into your life is a way of dropping deeper into the more subtle medicine of your cyclical wisdom. 

menstrual phase: blood honouring ritual.
follicular phase: dream ritual.
ovulatory phase: sensuality ritual.
luteal phase: shadow work ritual. . 

Cyclical Nourishment

As your body changes through the month, so does the nourishment you require. Understanding the requirements of your body and the best ways to nourish it creates more strength, energy and supports the healing of hormonal irregularities. In Cyclical Woman, you receive a shopping list and recipe book for each of the four cycle phases. This teaches you which foods to fill up on at which points in the cycle.  I'll also share

menstruation: blood-building food.
follicular phase: vitamins and minerals.
ovulation: anti-inflammation
luteal phase: comforting and grounding.

Cyclical Wisdom

Cyclical Woman blends together health, embodiment and spirituality – this is where cyclical wisdom comes in. Throughout the different phases of our cycle, different spiritual gifts are activated. Did you know that during menstruation our gifts of visioning become more acute? Did you know that our ability to pick up on information becomes heightened during the luteal phase? Did you know that our manifestation powers are more refined during the ovulatory phase? Cyclical Wisdom is woven into the content of Cyclical Woman through self-care rituals, practices, journalling prompts and more. 

Cyclical Woman is...

A whole month of menstrual cycle awareness wisdom, teaching you how to flow with your moon cycle from day-to-day. The course includes:

Yoga Classes (Vinyasa + Yin)
Breast Massage 
CYCLIAL rituals
womb steaming
wisdom of the MOON priestesses
THE feminine archetypes
HEALING audio meditations
yoga nidra PRACTICES
GENTLE breath work
sacred sexuality PRACTICES
embodiment PRACTICES
self-inquiry PRACTICES
spiRITUAL practice
The Symptothermal method
cyclical self-care

Who is Cyclical Woman for?


Women who desire to heal menstrual challenges (PMS, HEAVY/PAINFUL/IRREGULAR PERIODS) & their hormones.

Those who want to Claim menstruation as A sacred TIME of REST AND retreat.

Women who desire to Drop into new levels of rest, wellbeing and rootedness.

Those ready to Ignite the feminine wisdom within.

Women craving a life aligned with their MAGICKAL GIFTS AND SPIRITUAL CALLING.

Women ready to Honour their womb, intuition and cyclical instincts.

How to use this course

When you buy Cyclical Woman you get immediate access to the course. The course is yours for 3 years.

Choose the day of your cycle you are on (Day 1 is the first day of bleeding) and start from there (e.g. If you are on Day 20 of your menstrual cycle, you start Day 20 in the online course.

Each day has content designed to meet the specific cyclical energy you find yourself in. As you move through the course, you'll flow with the energy of your cyclical wisdom. 

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Menstrual Phase
Days 1-4
Archetype: Crone
Lunar Phase: Dark Moon

In this part of the course you'll learn how to create a Moon Lodge – a ritual resting space for your bleed. Practices like Yoga Nidra and Yin Yoga for period pain support you in this phase. Recipes such as hearty broths, miso soups and stews nourish you. Your journalling prompts focus on entering your own internal space, creating refuge in your inner inner-world and opening up to the visions and ecstasy which are available to you in this part of your cycle. 

Follicular Phase
Days 5-12
Archetype: Maiden
Lunar Phase: Waxing Moon

This part of your cycle is characterised by rising energy and a feeling of newness. This is the time to plant seeds of intention for future harvest. Your embodiment practices include breast massage, Chi Gong and gentle yoga and compliment your slowly-building power. Recipes focus on vitamins and minerals with plenty of fresh and cooked veggies and fruits to support your body before ovulation. Rituals focus on your dreams and bringing them to life. 

Ovulatory Phase
Days 13-17
Archetype: Mother
Lunar Phase: Full Moon

This week is where your energy reaches its peak and your embodiment practices are the most physically challenging – dance, yoga and a Yoga Nidra practice to anchor your power. Recipes using lots of raw, fresh seasonal ingredients full of cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties. Plant allies like Maca and Shatavari are supportive right now. You are at your sexual peak and we can channel this strong energy into a ritual. 

Luteal Phase
Days 18-30
Archetype: Wild Woman
Lunar Phase: Waning Moon

Your inner-autumn phase is all about slowing down before you reach your bleed. As the Wild Woman archetype comes to life, you may find yourself feeling sharper than usual – your wolfish senses activated. This is a time where you need extra warmth and nourishment. Warm, naturally sweet foods are great – ground vegetable soups, dates and coconut milk quell the desires for less healthy food that may arise in this part of your cycle. 

Each Week in Cyclical Woman:

Your practices are structured throughout the week so that they flow smoothly and can fit in with your work and life schedule. 


explanation video of the energies of the week

3 x 45-minute video Embodiment Practices 

1 x 60-minute live group call with q&a and sharing circle (Mondays at 7pm UK TIME)

1 x cyclical ritual 

2 x audio meditations 

Shopping list & Recipe Book

Plant medicine list & instructions

1 x Cyclical self-care video

Your Guide for Cyclical Woman

Hello beauty! My name is Miriam Ropschitz and I'm the founder of Moon Body. I share menstrual and sexual wisdom with women all over the world to support them back into their power and magick. I've been walking this path for a decade and it's been a wild and beautiful ride! In that time, I've guided hundreds of women just like you to reclaim their bodies and their bleeds. I love what I do and it is my deepest soul desire for all women and girls to feel safe to fully embody their raw, wild, power, which starts with us loving and healing our cycles. 

Cyclical Woman

Signing up for the course gets you access to all the course content specified above. The course is yours to keep for 3 years. 




Is this course for me if my cycle isn't 30 days long?

Yes! The course is 30-days long because the average woman's cycle is 29 days. If your cycle is longer or shorter than 30 days then you can adjust it according to your needs. You might miss out some days if your cycle is shorter (or condense a few days of content into one day), or if your cycle is longer you could repeat some days. If your cycle is irregular, using the symptothermal method to chart your cycle will help you see if there are any patterns in your cycle that you can bring into balance. 

is this course mine to keep after the 30-day live journey?

Yes! The course is yours to keep for 3 years. The idea behind Cyclical Woman is that it will teach you a lifelong practice of cycle alignment, however, it can take longer than 30 days to fully understand and drop into your cyclical wisdom. Therefore, after the 30-day live course is over, it's recommended that you refer back to the course content until it becomes second nature to you. 

What if I can't attend the live sessions on Mondays?

If you can't attend the live sessions on Mondays, they will be recorded and uploaded into your online course area for you to watch in your own time.

Can I buy the course now and do it at a later date?

Yes! If you would like to buy the course now and complete it at a later date you are most welcome to do so. This means that you will not be partaking in the Thursday evening live calls. Cyclical Woman is designed to function both as a self-study course and as a live one.