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for women of the cosmic feminine

Kea Retreat, Greece


September 8-14

Women's Temple

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In Daoist inner-alchemy, woman's energy is refined through her practice and stored in the womb as a pearl.

Welcome from my heart.

Pearl is a retreat for Moon Body students to integrate, embody and study advanced teachings during a blissful week on the secluded island of Kea in Greece.

7 days of devotion to the work

Live & Breathe Your Practice

Spend a week cocooned in the beauty of Kea Retreat, surrounded by sisters moving, resting, growing and deepening into the work of the feminine spiritual path together. For 7 days we live and breathe our practices; embodying feminine wisdom; living close to the earth and waters; and becoming the transmission of our work.

A week of you remembering your wild body, close to the earth and ocean, sun-kissed skin & salty hair. Blissful morning movement, sacred workshops, delicious seasonal food; a full-body exhale as your nervous system attunes to the earth's pace. A week devoted to you embodying the transmission of your work, supported by sisters, embraced by feminine spiritual practice and drenched in soul nourishment.

The Vision

"Kea: Island of Water Nymphs"

The story goes that Kea was originally inhabited by water nymphs who kept the island green and lush with vegetation. Vineyards, olive groves and oak forests complement the azure waters and soft sandy beaches. Located in Psathi Bay Kea Retreat is nestled inside a stoney mountain range in front of a remote bay and the island's nude beach. It is the ideal spot to enjoy the peace and perfection of the Cyclades.

Kea has a vivid history. It's a land of oak trees, orchids, wild roses, rare mushrooms, aromatic shrubs and medicinal herbs.The island is home to significant archaeological ruins of the Myceaenian era – a time of advanced matriarchal societies, where our ancestors lived in peaceful co-existence, creating art and building culture. In the town of Karthea we'll explore the remains of an ancient Artemis and Apollo temple.

Food at Kea

"The retreat space includes a flourishing vegetable garden, large olive grove, and vineyard, all of which were planted using traditional Greek farming techniques providing an abundant, sustainable, and delicious experience for its guests. Paired with produce from local farmers and modern high end touches, all dishes embody a local, plentiful, and flavourful Greek quality." The food you eat will be vegetarian/pescatarian. Let Miriam know if you have any special dietary requirements.

Pearl is a space for women to remember
the Temple within.


Moon Body courses and trainings are packed full of practices, wisdom and ways of being which change us at a cellular level, bringing us into union with our bodies and the earth. This wisdom is transformative for the women practising it. It changes the way we move through the world, connecting us with a current of deep feminine wisdom and inspiring us to live fully; in love with our womanhood, our wombs and our sexuality. Pearl is a space for us to live these teachings, in real-time, for 7 days, surrounded by other women who've passed through trainings with us. At Pearl we are living in a modern-day temple devoted to the women's mysteries. This experience will be life-changing, seeding unparalleled levels of wild beauty and abundance into your consciousness for you to draw on as and when you need. 

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Your experience includes


7 Days / 6 Nights Accommodation at Kea Retreat
Transport from Athens to Kea
3 Meals a Day
Pearl Course Manual 
Online Course of Practices

A special kind of attunement occurs in women-only spaces. The primal memory of softness, sensuality, wildness and sisterly-closeness invites the nervous system into regulation.



+ QiGong for Women Sequences
+ 4 Cyclical Yoga Sequences
+ Womb Steaming (Advanced: Postpartum, Fertility, Fibroids.)
+ The Jade Egg & Preparatory Techniques
+ Reducing Menstruation / Increasing Fertility
+ Easeful Peri-menopause 

+ morning practice: 3 Spaces
+ guided dance: 3 spaces
+ workshop: 4 Spaces

Teaching Slots

You'll learn:


Teach a 60-Minute Class in the following slots:

Everyone will have the chance to teach one
class inspired by your interpretation of TCF.

an oasis of beauty in greece

7 Days / 6 Nights at Kea Retreat

Visit Kea's athena temple ruins

Immerse in Goddess Culture

relax in a secluded bay

Sea, Sand + Earth Medicine

Nearest Airport: Athens
Athens to Kea: 1 Hour Ferry

Getting Here

Arrive: Sept 8 from 3pm
Depart: Sept 14 from 11am

Arrivals / Departure

Rooms are shared between two women
Each woman has a separate bed.



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