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Healing PMS with
the Dark Feminine

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A groundbreaking workshop on the ancestral roots of PMS.

HOWL is a 3-hour women's workshop and somatic group journey, which explores the ways in which PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) is an expression of the unintegrated dark feminine within woman. Together we'll name the contaminated cultural waters women have been drinking through the centuries, teaching them to exile vital and powerful parts of themselves, leading to a split in psyche and soma, manifesting as the collection of symptoms we call pre-menstrual syndrome or PMS.

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Live Workshop | Recording is available

Wild woman, dark feminine, witch, mad-woman... take your pick...

These archetypes are all distinct and yet contain overlapping qualities. All these archetypes are met in the Luteal Phase (the phase of your menstrual cycle when PMS arises). All of these archetypes are socially unacceptable faces of the Feminine, yet each holds vital wisdom for women seeking to reclaim the exiled parts of themselves and restore health, wholeness + embodiment.

Healing PMS is not all about hormones

I've worked with hundreds of women over the last decade to heal their PMS and I've discovered that approaching it as purely a hormonal imbalance doesn't create long-lasting healing, it just placates the superficial level of symptoms, while neglecting the deep emotional and ancestral roots of PMS.

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HOWL speaks to

The highly-effective ways we can treat the physical aspects of PMS as a hormonal imbalance:

- Supporting Liver Health
- Limiting Environmental Toxicity
- Nervous Sytem Regulation + Much More



- Who She is + Her connection to the Wild Woman/ Mad Woman/ Witch Archetypes
- Myths + Stories of the Dark Feminine
- Why She has been distorted by the over-culture

- Ways we can separate dark feminine wisdom from distortion
- Somatic Practices for Dark Femme Integration
- Healing PMS with the Dark Feminine


- There will be time for sharing and Q&A at the end.

sharing circle + Q&A


- Emotional / Ancestral roots of PMS
- PMS as wild feminine wisdom

Wild Feminine archetypes

ancestral roots of pms

Dark Feminine reclamation

Your PMS is a call to remember the wild woman within, before she sets everything
on fire.

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HOWL is for you if you...

1. experience PMS

Whether mild PMS or more-severe PMDD, you experience these symptoms in your Luteal phase and would like to find new ways to heal them.

2. are called by the dark femme

You are intrigued by the dark feminine, the witch, the wild woman and are open to learning more about the ways these archetypes exist within you.

3. value unorthodox wisdom

You are a spiritual woman who is not content with the superficial. You long for the depths, the magick and are not afraid to hold the tension of the opposites.

4. desire sisterhood

HOWL is a space for likeminded women to come together in ceremonial space, share our stories and be witnessed in our truth. 

Your guide for HOWL

Sister, I've been dreaming up this workshop for years. 

I've discovered over and over again in my healing work that an emotional-ancestral root is at the bottom of most of our physical symptoms.

The modern world neglects the subtle in favour of the tangible and in doing so misses the way that the unhealed currents below the surface are often running the show.

I've supported hundreds of women to heal their PMS for good by applying the wisdom I'll be sharing with you in
this workshop.

PMS is unnecessarily disrupting the lives of too many talented, creative, huge-hearted wild women and it's no surprise to me that one of the ways we heal it is in reclaiming parts of ourselves that the fairy tales warned us about and the over-culture taught us to exile.  

HOWL is intended to be fun, groundbreaking, wild, restful and deeply informative. I'd be delighted for any women who resonate with its message to sign up and join me.

HOWL: Healing PMS with the Dark Feminine – a workshop.

Create a comfortable space for yourself to receive the teachings of this workshop. Bring a warm drink, your journal, light candles and prepare your space in a way which feels supportive for you.

Be aware that we'll be discussing some of the ways women and the Feminine have been suppressed. Please consider this your content warning. 


How to Prepare 

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The workshop will be recorded and sent out to everyone who has signed up, though we advise you to join live to receive the full potency of this work. 

The recording will be available for one year from September 11.

HOWL is recorded



I can't join live, will the workshop be recorded?

Absolutely. Everyone who signs up will receive a recording of the workshop. The recording will be available to watch for 1 year.

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