I bring a decade of wild feminine living to the work we do together in Rooted. If you are looking for the most intimate way to work with me, this is it. This is for my soul sister clients who know in their bones that I have medicine for them.

Rooted is my 1-1 mentoring container

for women dreaming big

Whether you are seeking guidance on love, life, body, spirit or business, the mentoring you receive in Rooted is tailored to your unique needs.

for deep, soul-sacred work.

Rooted Mentorship

''I am the most connected to my body I've ever been through the wisdom and the sacred self-care practices Miriam shares, which have enhanced my life and the appreciation I have for my body.''

i have worked with hundreds of clients just like you

I'm a woman who spent the last decade on a journey of soul reclamation. 

I'm a woman who's forged a creatively-rich, abundant life, where I live and work completely on my own terms – despite being told time and time again that I wouldn't succeed and that my dreams were too risky. 

I'm a woman who loves women, the goddess and the Feminine and my highest work is to support other women into this remembrance.

I'm a woman who has dedicated her life to the ways of the wild feminine, finding cosmic-level pleasure and harmony in my body and mind.

I'm a woman who has built a distinctive and lucrative brand. Sustainably. Uniquely. Ethically. Just by living my life.

All that I've learned along the way is what I'll share with you in Rooted.

I'm a woman who spent the last decade reclaiming my soul life.

Rooted is a sacred space

In Rooted, I offer you my undivided presence. I support you to move through challenges, let go of old habits and step into new ways of walking your life path that are aligned with your soul purpose, your feminine gifts and the wild, sacred woman you were born to be. My guidance is deeply intuitive and offered with joy. I hold our mentoring relationship as something sacred, pouring my heart and soul into it. Whatever you are bringing to the table, together we can spin into gold. Your time in Rooted can be fun, sisterly and supportive to your life.



What Women Say About Rooted

"Working with Miriam in Rooted was one of the best decisions I've ever made. She is the divine feminine embodied. Her presence in my life in just a short time has changed me on the deepest of levels and has provided a loving support that I so deeply needed from another woman. I felt so held by her. Having access to her peaceful, loving energy transformed me, soothing my nervous system and deepening my connection to myself, my body, my inner knowing. Through working with Miriam, I have become rooted in my beingness, in my aliveness, in my divine femininity, in my sacral knowing and intuition. I am so connected to my womb now and my entire pelvic bowl and my breasts through daily breast massage have never felt more loved. They are the perkiest they've ever been and I no longer have any breast pain before my bleed. I am cherishing myself and rooted in this self-love and compassion. I cannot thank Miriam enough for all of her loving attention and for always being there, answering my questions with such thoughtfulness and clarity, and going above and beyond to get me any resources or information I might need. Truly, she is one of a kind and it was the deepest of honors to be able to learn and be loved by her in Rooted."

brigitte S, New York


Package Includes

Starts at £2,222

My mentoring programme is called Rooted because we are working to get you back in touch with the deepest parts of yourself. We work on anything which stands in the way of you living your truest, most-embodied life. We go deep down into the primal centres of your body.

3 x 60-minute calls per month

Mon-fri support in telegram

embodiment library access

Tarot readings

transformational work

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We have our first 
1-1 video call.

You send in your application.

Answer as fully as possible so that I can get a good idea of what you desire in working with me and how best I can support you. 

We connect between
calls in Telegram.

These calls are where we do our deepest work. This is a space for you to be witnessed, loved and supported with my full presence.

Our sharing space in Telegram is where you can send me your shares, insights as we move through our work together.


Here's how working with me in Rooted goes...



How I work with you in Rooted

Being mentored by me in Rooted is the most intimate way to work with me. Rooted is for women who feel the clarity and integrity of my purpose and are called to work with me in depth. I choose my clients with great care; ensuring that we are the right fit so that our time together can offer the most value and magick possible.

 If you feel the call, you are very welcome to apply. 


Weekly or monthly payment plans are available on all mentorship packages. When you submit your application to be mentored in 'Rooted' please state whether you'd like to use a payment plan.

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