Women's mentorship programme

Hello love,


I imagine that if you've found me on this wild web, you've been called here by the pull of the unknown and already know a little bit about me. 

I'm a woman who spent the last decade on a journey of soul reclamation and all that I've learned along the way is what I'll be sharing with you in our Rooted sessions. 

'Rooted' is a container
for your soul growth

In Rooted, I offer you my undivided presence. I support you to move through challenges, let go of old habits and step into new ways of walking your life path that are aligned with your soul purpose, your feminine gifts and the wild, sacred woman you were born to be. 

about me

The journey is deep, nurturing and powerful

This coaching programme is deep, intimate and transformational. It is my greatest pleasure to work with you. You can receive 1-1 mentorship with me in Rooted for 1, 3 or 6 month periods.


Join me for 1, 3 or 6-months mentorship

weekly coaching

We meet 3 x per month for a 60-minute online coaching session. You receive access to me via Telegram for voice messages between sessions.

embodiment Library

You receive access to the embodiment video library, which contains 20+ hours of yoga, breathwork, meditation and other practices, supporting our work.

audio meditations

I create personalised audio meditations for you designed to enhance the work we are doing together. 

tarot card reading

Each month you receive a card reading based around questions you have on your soul path. 

Modalities I work with in Rooted

Letting the wisdom of your menstrual cycle reveal any areas in your life where energy is leaking out or where your psyche is calling to you.

Cyclical Wisdom + Moon Mapping

Make sexual practices part of your self-care. How you relate to and enjoy your sensuality inform the way you relate with life. Receive support and helpful tools to connect with your sexuality and rewrite any stories that are no longer serving you.

Feminine Embodiment

Creating daily movement + breathwork routines that support you in getting into your body and moving any stuck energy.

Meditation + Mindset

Here we work with the subconscious mind to rewire any stories that may be keeping you from living your full potential.

Sacred Sexual Self-care

Healing at the root of your body through meeting your ancestors, connecting to the earth through ritual, nourishing the pelvic floor and more. 

Root Tending

Radiance tools: Detoxification, beauty care, adornment, self-massage and many other practices applied daily to support you in embodying your beauty.

Radiance Tools

what the sisters are saying about Rooted

Briggite S.


Working with Miriam in Rooted was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Though I had only been following her a short while and live halfway across the world from her, I felt this deep pull in my womb to be mentored by her and to receive her sacred transmissions. She is the divine feminine embodied. Her presence in my life in just a short time has changed me on the deepest of levels and has provided a loving support that I so deeply needed from another woman. I felt so held and loved by her and having access to her peaceful and loving divine feminine energy transformed me, soothing my nervous system and deepening my connection to myself, my body, my inner knowing. I am the most connected to my body I've ever been through the wisdom and the sacred self-care practices Miriam shares which have enhanced my life and the appreciation I have for my body. Through working with Miriam, I have become rooted in my beingness, in my aliveness, in my divine femininity, in my sacral knowing and intuition. I am so connected to my womb now and my entire pelvic bowl and my breasts through daily breast massage have never felt more loved. They are the perkiest they've ever been and I no longer have any breast pain before my bleed. I am cherishing myself and rooted in this self-love and compassion. I cannot thank Miriam enough for all of her loving attention and for always being there, answering my questions with such thoughtfulness and clarity, and going above and beyond to get me any resources or information I might need. Truly, she is one of a kind and it was the deepest of honors to be able to learn and be loved by her in Rooted.


Weekly or monthly payment plans are available on all mentorship packages. When you submit your application to be mentored in 'Rooted' please state whether you'd like to use a payment plan.

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1-month mentorship


3-month mentorship


6-month mentorship


Apply to Rooted

Rooted is a very intimate way to work together so please only apply if you are ready for and committed to growth. After submitting your application, expect to hear from me within 48 hours. If applications are full, you'll be given the option to join the Rooted waiting list.

Brigitte S, New York

"Working with Miriam in Rooted was one of the best decisions I've ever made. She is the divine feminine embodied. Her presence in my life in just a short time has changed me on the deepest of levels."

Julie P, Paris

I was struggling. I had lost every joy. I was destroying myself. With Miriam, I reconnected with my feminine, learned to listen to my body, and nourished myself. Finally, I feel like I came back to the real me.  

Laurene, Paris

Authentic, true, gentle, knowledgeable, humble, deeply and beautifully feminine, I really appreciate Miriam, her teaching, her being. 


It is difficult to put into words the feeling of peace, gratitude and love felt after just an hour in Miriam’s presence... it has to be experienced! 

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