The Witch Wound 

Sunday October 16 | 10:30am-ipm (uk time)

An Online Workshop for Women

At this time of year, the Witch Wound feels louder.

The Witch Wound manifests in many ways. It's a universal trauma in the psyche of women, which has been carried down through the generations since the Witch Hunts began. Throughout this period of history women lived in great fear of being tortured, abused, exiled or murdered – simply for being women. We know through the science of epigenetics that trauma has the power to create genetic mutations which are then passed down from parent to child. What happened during the Witch Hunts informs so much of the abusive power systems in place today and the Witch Wound is well and truly alive. In this workshop, Miriam speaks on why the Witch Wound came to be, what it looks like and how we can heal it. All are warmly welcome. 

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The idea of a witch wound is not hyperbole, it's the epigenetic trauma which resulted from a multi-century war against women for the crime of being women. It must be digested, communally, if we're going to break its spell.

All women are witches

A witch is a wise woman. Her gifts arise in numerous ways: healing, herbalism, hedge-jumping, clairsentience, sexuality, mediumship and midwifery – among others. A witch is a woman who cultivates her inner-power and wields it in the external world. Therefore all women can be witches if they choose to be because all women are connected to the unseen through the womb portal. A key part of my work is reclaiming the witch as a sacred feminine archetype to help walk women back to their power & magick. How do you feel about the witch archetype? What does she mean to you?

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Healing the witch wound in women

I've met hundreds of women over the last decade who are struggling with the effects of the witch wound. The witch wound is an unnecessary burden, keeping gifted women from sharing their magick with the world and accessing the true extent of their power. The world needs its witches. The world needs its magickal women. It needs us to do what we came here to do and the witch wound often stands in our way of that.  

5 key witch wounds

witch hunts History

 healing spells

We'll speak about:

Through my years researching the witch hunts and working with hundreds of women, I've tracked 5 key manifestations of the witch wound. (You'll notice there is overlap between them ie sexual repression is a form of disembodiment. This is because this work is nuanced, interconnected and cannot be split into black-and-white categories.)

1. Fearing Your Magick
2. Persecution Complex
3. Sexual Repression
4. Disembodiment
5. The Sister Wound

In the workshop, I'll explain these 5 key wounds and how they may be showing up in your life and the lives of the women around you.

The 5 key witch wounds

the witch hunts

In order to understand the wounds, we need to understand the socio-cultural context in which they were created.

I'll share the history of the Witch Hunts. Likely this differs from the common historical narrative you've heard before.

I'll share with you ways that we as modern spiritual women can start to heal these wounds.

healing the witch wound

There will be time for questions and sharing at the end.

sharing + Q&A

"Witches are radical figures. Their spells have the power to disrupt hegemonies. Healing the witch wound means more magickal beings sharing their much-needed, paradigm-shifting medicine with the world." 

This workshop is
for you if you...

1. feel called by the witch

Have you always felt a deep affinity with the witch archetype? Then this workshop is a good chance to know more about her. 

2. want to reclaim lost power

Are you aware that there are things in your life, which are stopping you showing up authentically, in your power? 

3. offer woman's work

Do you work with women? If so, understanding how the witch wound manifests in the lives of women can give you more information to support them. 

4. Carry witch wounds

Are you aware of ways that the witch wound is playing out in your life? This workshop will support you to begin the healing process. 

Your guide for the
Witch Wound Workshop

Miriam spent the last decade working with women in the field of menstrual & sexual embodiment.

Since a young age she's been intrigued by the witch archetype and has spent years studying the Witch Hunts + folk magick.

She believes passionately that restoring the witch to a sacred feminine archetype will enact deep healing for all beings and that healing the witch wound is a key part of bringing a healthy relationship to the dark feminine back to our planet. 

This workshop is an offering for the women in Miriam's community, made with love. It comes with prayers interwoven that it may bring healing for those women who know deep in their bones that they are witches or have been witches and are ready to put down the heavy burden of the witch wound, claim their gifts and bring them out into the world. 

The Witch Wound Workshop

Create a comfortable space for yourself to receive the teachings of this workshop. Bring a warm drink, your journal, light candles and prepare your space in a way which feels supportive for you.

Be aware that we'll be discussing some of the disturbing things which took place during the Witch Hunts, so please consider this your content warning. 

The workshop will be recorded and uploaded into your course folder and available for you to watch for 30 days.

October 16 at 10.30am-1pm (UK time)

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I can't join live, will the workshop be recorded?

Absolutely. Everyone who signs up will receive a recording of the workshop in their online portal. The recording will be available to watch for 30 days.