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1-1 Mentorship in Rooted

This is the most intimate way to work with me. I hand select all my 1-1 clients with careful consideration. I bring all my knowledge and wisdom to the table as we work together in 1, 3 & 6 month containers to get to the roots of anything holding you back from being your most powerful and in-pleasure self.

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Online Courses

I've distilled the work I do at my in-person events and retreats into several online courses. There is my menstrual wisdom workshop, The Moon Code. My jade egg course, The Jade Root. And my introduction to women's tantra and embodiment, The Nourished Feminine. Each is packed full of beautiful wisdom for you to discover at your own pace.

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Hosting you on retreat is my favourite thing to do! I've held women's retreats at beautiful locations throughout Asia and Europe over the last 5 years. My next retreat, Bloom, takes place at the beautiful La Rosa dei 4 Venti in Puglia, Italy from June 5-12. This retreat centre has a deeply healing energy and is the perfect place for us to dive into a week of feminine yoga and embodiment.

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Moon Mapping

Moon Mapping is my menstrual healing work designed to support women experiencing menstrual and/or fertility challenges. You can choose from a single session or a 3-month container. I'll support you to make simple lifestyle changes to heal period pain, PMS, heavy periods, missing periods, irregular periods or infertility – the natural way, of course. 

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1-1 Single Sessions

These 60-minute sessions are for women wanting a taste of what 1-1 work with me feels like or are just needing a brief transmission of inspiration and support. We work on anything from menstruation and sexuality, to embodiment and spirituality. A limited number of single sessions are available each month.

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client love

Miriam’s Jade Root course was a profound experience for me. It allowed me to heal generational trauma in a safe and nurturing environment and create a deeper connection to my womb. What I love about the Jade Root Course is that you can take it to the depth that you want and need. I also love the practices that she incorporates: self-massage, energy practices and knowledge of the pelvic bowl. The Jade Egg is a powerful practice to unlock the wisdom within the womb. 

- Michaela Diamanti-diaz, mystic

client love

The Jade Root Online Course has allowed me to finally establish my own jade egg practice. I owned a jade egg for many years but lacked clear and simple instructions on how to use it. I love the way Miriam approaches the topic and shares so many useful practices with so much embodied knowledge, wisdom, love and care. It's amazing that I will have this material available for the rest of my life so I can go back to the videos over and over again, which really makes it so much easier to keep using the jade egg on a regular basis and build a deeper connection to my self, my yoni and my pleasure potential. Thank you Miriam!

- vanessa, massage therapist

client love

I joined the Moon Code by Miriam because I felt the need to connect to my femininity through my cycle. I had the urge to understand my cycle from a more spiritual side.And it was spot on! Ever since then I hardly ever struggle with PMS anymore. Thank you so much Miriam for sharing your wisdom and bringing lost knowledge back to us women!

- sanda, yoga teacher & PT

client love

I joined a women’s circle with Miriam in Thailand. I was so touched by her energy and how she created a beautiful space for women to be vulnerable and share their stories. Miriam showed us how to tune into our cycles and celebrate the feminine archetypes that we are cycling through during our lives. She inspired me to reclaim the divine feminine within myself.

- Deria, cycles coach

client love

Miriam is totally living and breathing her teachings. There is such a strong sense of intelligence and educated experience in every topic she explores in her classes. I LOVED going to her classes and workshops! 

- Joss, founder of WildWomb

client love

Miriam is an earth angel amongst us! I was so privileged to receive two sessions from her and both brought me to a point where I felt safe to release old tension and stress. She is an integrated healer and can hold space like a solid professional. I wish I had more time to do another session with her because she really knows her stuff. You'll be so lucky to cross paths with this one, she's really special. 

- morgana,

client love

After the Nourished Feminine online course, I feel very happy and safe. So many deep feelings and thoughts came up. The exercises are great and I will do them often.

- jeniffer, physical therapist


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