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Heal, love, thrive.

Woman, your womb is your centre

Our wombs are our centres. The health of our womb greatly impacts the quality of our lives. Many of us though were not taught this as young women and, as such, have disassociated from our wombs and spent our lives living shoulders-up. It is never too late to begin womb work. There are many reasons why you may want to. You may want to connect with your cycle; you may want to enhance your fertility; you may be experiencing a womb-related health issue...

Whatever your reason, you are welcome here and if you'd like to, you are welcome to come and work with me. I've supported hundreds of women over the last decade to come home to their centres, to live cyclically and to heal womb-related health challenges. I work with the earth, with herbs, food, spirit and many other simple but powerful methods. I've had great success at helping women resolve myriad challenges around their wombs and/or bleeds and I do so with gentleness, love and deep presence. You are welcome to work with me.

3 x 90-minute sessions + telegram over 3 months


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90-minute session + one week support in telegram



It's my honour to walk this path with other women...

And a responsibility I welcome. 

about your guide: miriam ropschitz

Like many medicine women before me, I came to this path for my own healing. When I found it, I realised that I needed to share what I'd learned. I didn't just learn how to heal my PMS and heavy, long, painful bleeds, I learned to come back to my womb, to love my body and to live from my centre. Living in this way transformed my life, opening me up to more love and possibility than I could have ever imagined. The womb path is a way of descent. Many wise women have walked it since the beginning of time. It's a path of being with what is. It's a path of earth, bone, blood and moon. Many women have come to me for Womb Work over the last decade and have left feeling more embodied, more woven into the web of reality and more conscious of their own creative power. Our womb is an ancient symbol of feminine magick. It's no surprise that as we heal, we become the women we came here to be. It's my deepest honour and privilege to walk this way with you. Thank you for your trust. I do not take it lightly. 

Cyclical Living

These are things you and I can work on together in your Womb Work Sessions.

After hundreds of clients served, these are some of the most common things I work on.

Easeful bleeds


Cyclical Nutrition


Womb Steaming


Irregular cycles

Natural Fertility

Body detoxification

Emotional support

Herbal medicine



Choose your way of working together.

Decide whether you'd like a one-off session or a 3-month package and go ahead and book in. We'll be in touch to arrange a time and date to hold our online session. 


Pre-Call Questionnaire

I've created a detailed questionnaire for you to answer so that I have plenty of information about your history and what you'd like to focus on during our time. 


We meet for our
first session.

These sessions are spaces for you to be held and nourished. We will talk through the key points of your questionnaire and we'll co-create a plan forward for the future. 


Follow up plan and support.

After your session you receive your PDF plan and 1-1 support in Telegram to make sure you are confident with the steps you're integrating and to offer you encouragement.


My sessions follow 4 key steps:

Womb Work

For healing, loving & living life to the fullest.

After joining her Nectar retreat in Italy and continuing my feminine practices, I was over the moon to fall pregnant naturally a few months afterwards. After years of trying, I don’t believe it was a coincidence. 

This work is powerful. I sought Miriam’s support after multiple miscarriages and spent time to heal physically and emotionally. 


Miriam Ropschitz, Moon Body founder

"By descending into her own womb, a woman touches the cosmic womb — this is the feminine spiritual path, walked by our foremothers for eons."

what happens in our sessions?

More details on HOW I WORK

I support your reconnection back into the web of life: earth, spirit and more-than-human.

I'll recommend detoxifying practices to bring your body out of inflammation. 

I'll recommend ways to synchronise your cycle with your life. 

I hold a loving space for you to rest and feel held within. 

I share tools to bring your nervous system into regulation. 

I'll suggest certain foods and meals to support your body's healing. 

I'll share ways to shift your mindset towards healing and regeneration. 

I recommend books, podcasts and other wise women to support you. 

This is just a little taste of what I offer my Womb Work clients...


3 x 90-minute sessions + 3 weeKs OF support in telegram


Payment options


90-minute session + one week support in telegram