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Breast Massage – the life-changing practice for women’s sensuality.

Breasts are your heart outside your body.

Highly sensitive to stagnation and toxicity, your breasts are the positive end of the energetic pole of your body. What is not dispersed from the heart and breasts is carried down and through into the womb and yoni.

Many modern people have been conditioned to see self-touch as shameful. There is much to say on why disconnecting people from the power and wisdom of their bodies is an effective way to make them more easy-to-control. But I’ll save that for another blog…

Breast massage is a wonderful way to bring joy to your breasts and it comes with many other healing benefits.

We often get introduced to breast massage as a way to look for lumps in the breasts. But there are many less scary (remember stress creates dis-ease!), more joyful and sensual reasons to massage your breasts every day.



Breast Touch for Arousal

Breast massage is a transformational practice; it creates new neural pathways around self-soothing and stimulates the downward movement of energy, clearing stagnation.

Massaging our breasts stimulates the endocrine system to release oxytocin, prolactin and oestrogen – hormones that have feel-good effects. The act of mindfully massaging our breasts – ideally whilst breathing deeply into the lower belly – activates the parasympathetic nervous system and gives us a moment of sweetness and connection.


Breast Massage in Love-Making


The breasts are the yoni’s ‘ON’ button, where the fire of arousal is ignited. Breast touch is an essential part of foreplay if penetrative sex is on the menu. Through touch, breasts become engorged (just like the erectile tissue of the yoni) and with regular enjoyable touch become extremely sensitive. As pleasurable touch to the breasts stimulates the yoni to become wet, the cervix gets the message that penetration may be about to happen and moves up and out the way to make space.


Breast Massage & Breathing

The breast tissues are connected to the breathing organs – the heart and lungs.

Breast massage disperses tension from the connective tissues of the breasts and creates more space for breath capacity and more ease when breathing. This creates conditions for breathing to be deeper, longer and more pleasurable.


Try Your Own Breast Massage

  1. Find a quiet space and sit comfortably with one hand over your heart/breasts and the other over belly/womb.
  2. Breathe deeply into both spaces and feel yourself becoming calm and present. Set an intention for your massage.
  3. Apply oil to your hands and rub them until warm (I use coconut oil as a carrier oil with a few drops of either clary sage/geranium or pomegranate essential oils).
  4. Placing both hands over the breasts, begin to massage with a firm pressure, moving from the top of the breasts, out to the sides, down and back up the insides. Imagine with this first direction that you are clearing stagnant energy out of the breasts and heart. Massage for as long as feels good.
  5. Next, massage in the opposite direction. In this inward movement, imagine you are inviting energy into the heart/breasts and the rest of your body. Massage for as long as feels good.
  6. Hold one breast with the opposite hand and massage the lymph (the area under and to the side of the underarm) in the direction of the opposite hand. Repeat on both sides. This is intended to move any stagnation away from the lymph.
  7. Finish by placing your hands on the belly and heart and directing the energy created by the massage to be stored just behind the naval.

The Effects

Breast massage is a beautiful part of a morning routine or works well to create a feeling of relaxation before bed time.

I’ve been massaging my breasts for many years now and I’ve noticed that they’ve become much more sensitive to touch, they’ve grown in size and they feel more alive! Breast massage has also been a beautiful part of my menstrual-healing journey.

I hope you get as much pleasure from adding breast massage to your embodiment practices as much as I have!


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