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In the ancient lands of Sumeria, Greece, Eqypt and Mesopatemia, temple priestesses were revered agents of the goddess.

They lived in temples where they tended to goddess rites, ceremonies and sacred rituals to support the prosperity of the land.

One of their holy roles was to ‘take the war out of men’, whereby they made love to soldiers returned from bloody battles. They used their sexual healing powers to transmute the pains and horrors of war into love with potent, pure sexuality.

This kind of love-making was an art form and the priestesses were respected for their gifts. They were treated as holy vessels of the goddess, protected, admired and well-rewarded for their work.

Many women have tasted the same healing powers of the sacred sexuality practised by the ancient temple priestesses.





Here are six signs that you are holding the same sacred sexuality codes as the ancient temple priestesses.



1. Sex has always been a spiritual experience

Perhaps you are one of those people who has never done well with flings and casual hookups because when you connect with another person, you connect deeply. You understand that your sexuality is touching a very deep part of yourself and you are only ready to share it with those you know can hold the depth of that experience.

Sexual union and self-pleasure have taken you into altered states of consciousness, where you feel connected with all of life.

What others have experienced through spiritual practice, you have found in sex. 

Sex for you has always been a spiritual experience. 

This doesn’t meant it has to be serious – not at all. But it does mean it always feel sacred.

You have bonded deeply with your partners and the sexual bonds, especially, have had an otherworldly quality to them, catalysing deep transformations in you and your partners. 


2.  Your intimate relationships have been fuel for your soul growth (and the growth of your partners).

You are a romantic at heart and sex is a big part of that.

You’ve tasted heartbreak (and you’ve broken hearts), but you know that doing so is all part of your soul’s evolution.

In those moments of heartbreak and dark nights of the soul, you’ve faced your shadow and learned to bring the hidden qualities of yourself home.

Perhaps your partners have even credited you with fast-tracking their evolution, so deep and intense was the love you shared. 

After every relationship you find that you’ve grown in ways you don’t feel you could have done without the crucible of sacred union. 


3. You love sex and are highly sexually charged.

Part of your romantic bent is your love of sex. The idea that women are less interested in sex than men never rang true for you. 

You have a high sex drive and this arrived in your life early. This love of sex doesn’t just show up in the way you self-pleasure and make love with others, it shows up in your sense of personal power and your love of life.

You channel your sexuality into your creative pursuits – you are a renaissance woman with many interests.

Your sexual appetite gives you a strong sense of who you are. Your energetic blueprint is powerful. 

There may have been times in your life when you were shamed for your strong sexual appetites, or made to feel like there was something strange about the way you felt. 

Don’t worry – a strong sex drive is a sign of healthy sexual energy. 


4. You were born with healing gifts.

Many modern-day priestesses came in with healing gifts.

Perhaps you had an affinity for animals or children when you were kid. Perhaps you possessed a remarkable depth of feeling as a young one and were able to intuit the feelings of others from an early age.

Maybe, as you matured sexually, you noticed that there is an effortless healing quality to the way you make love with yourself and others.

Perhaps partners have expressed that they’ve received healing from your lovemaking and touch.


5. You identify as a black sheep, lone wolf, or wild woman. 

These archetypes find it hard to play ‘normal’ and often feel suffocated by the monotonous demands of conventional life.

From a young age, fitting in and toeing the line never appealed to you – maybe you even tried for a time and it was just not possible.

There is a sense of you being from another time and place, with too much wisdom to share to get stuck doing things that don’t ignite your passion.

This path can be lonely at times. You may have been envied, shamed and ostracised for being different.

The beauty of these challenging times is that they forge you in the fire of transformation to become who you came here to be. 

Don’t lose heart if you find yourself in a challenging moment. This is where the magick happens. And it’s not forever. Your soul people are waiting for you somewhere. 


6. You feel a deep affinity for the Feminine

You have a powerful sense of a feminine nurturing presence – you maybe refer to this as the Goddess or the Mother or Source. 

You feel a reverence for the way she offers her abundant garden of earth to you. You feel her deep pulsation in the womb of the earth, in the darkness of the moon, in the depths of the ocean and in the body of woman.

Perhaps you never felt called to patriarchal monotheistic religion – with their male sky gods and fire and brimstone. 

Maybe as a child you were drawn to the myths of ancient goddesses and priestesses whose magic and spirituality came from their resonance with nature. 

Within you resides an all-abiding love for the feminine.




How many out of six did you get?

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