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Six Signs You Hold Temple Priestess Codes

In the ancient lands of Sumeria, Greece, Eqypt and Mesopatemia, temple priestesses were revered agents of the goddess. They lived in temples where they tended to goddess rites, ceremonies and sacred rituals to support the prosperity of the land. One of their holy roles was to ‘take the war out of men’, whereby they made […]

Jade Egg

Why You Need A Breast Massage Practice

Breasts are your heart outside your body. Highly sensitive to stagnation and toxicity, your breasts are the positive end of the energetic pole of your body. What is not dispersed from the heart and breasts is carried down and through into the womb and yoni. Many modern people have been conditioned to see self-touch as […]


The Art of Jade Egg Practice

Archaeological evidence of egg-shaped gemstones for internal use have been found at the sites of all major ancient civilisations. In recent years, yoni eggs have become immensely popular and are often advertised as vaginal toning tools. The work of the Jade Priestess invites its students to imagine the Jade Egg as something far more powerful […]

Jade Egg

The Slow Life

Capitalist society tells us our worth is determined by our output. We are inducted into a system which deliberately runs us to our limits. For those of us who learned in our developmental years to put the needs of primary carers before our own and have a tendency to bring this pattern into our adult […]


Five Principles of Moon Body’s Detox

My work centres around conscious menstruation, so why am I am always banging on about food and detox? Read on to find out. Our bodies use our reproductive systems like a store room for waste. When we start to get full of mucus and old waste, our bodies cleverly send them somewhere that is not […]



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